10 TRADING TIPS from Alertel Systems. The best buy and sell signal software

10 TRADING TIPS from Alertel Systems. The best buy and sell signal software

1. Most Developing and struggling traders are making two key mistakes;-
a. they failto engage in a structured learning process
b. they treat the learning process as ‘information based ‘ and not ‘ skill based’

2. Pay attention to detail when placing orders, Be adaptable, If you can’t adapt then the market will eat you alive

3. New traders theink they learn how to trade in demo accounts which is one reason why they end up failing.

4. Even a donkey can place a winning trade, but it takes a lot more to do it consistently

5. Dont Believe in anything that trading industry tells you to do. forget all economic theories- it is all crap. forget what you have learned in scholl ( except basica maths). FORGET WHAT MAMA TOLD YOU. Failing is the only way to prosper

6. Dont try to reinvent the wheel, Learn to crawl first , then walk, than run, then sprint, Make a plan based on your situation, then work your plan to reach your goal

7. Start with a demo account and learn to trade safely first,It is better to bursn out 10k virtual money on a crazy system or impulsive trades than to blow out first live account when you are still too emotionally involved in your trading or skill trading from the hip

8. it takes at least 10 years to train a good surgeon, what makes you think thatyou will be a pro after six months? its not gonna happen..

9. dont marry a trade for too long, dont overtrade, what make you think that you are bored, and try to keep abreast of all the fundamenetals.

10. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.. take everything with a grain of salt and check everything for yourself. Basically doing all the good work you can to increase your odds of success. Thats’s all you can really do in this game, stackas many edges big or small in your corner as you can

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