Most Accurate Buy Sell Signals software for FOREX , MCX ,MCX SX and NSE

Do you trade in FOREX ? How is your trade going? Now Alertel systems has come up with its new trading system which gives more than 95% accurate trade signal systems for all major currency pairs. Once the signal is generated its four level confirmation system confirms whether the signal is good or bad so that you can have your perfect buy / sell entry and exit.

Also this system works fine with Indian Markets like MCX MCXSX and NSE.

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100% Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Generating Software for trading

100% Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Generating Software for trading

100% Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Generating Software for trading

Alertel V series platinum automatic buy sell signal software is developed by the market veterans over a period of six years. After catering to the FOREX markets in EU region we are now in India for the Indian markets too. It works seamlessly for almost all segments such as Nifty, Bank Nifty, Tata, Reliance, etc Equities, Stocks & Futures as well as Commodities like Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Natural Gas, Aluminum, Mentha Oil & Currencies, Dollar, Euro, GBP etc for Intraday and Positional basis. All the extensive market formulas and fundamentals have been incorporated into this system which makes this system your best friend in your way to being rich. Most Important thing is that the system will assist you in entering and exiting the market at the right time with profits.

These abilities has made us one of the top notch signal providers in segments like Stocks, Commodities and the currency markets like FOREX. Our strong support team is always there to support you 24/5 as in technical support along with trade support. Just give us a call when you are in doubt. You can use any means of communication. This has made us an un-avoidable factor in a trader’s life that is looking for trade support in MCX, MCX SX, NSE, NYMEX and FOREX.

Benefits of a good buy sell signal software and why to use Alertel V series platinum Automatic Buy and Sell Signal Software.

Alertel V series platinum automatic buy sell signal software is a tailor made and customized trade signal solution for all traders, analysts and investors in the financial markets. This software works in almost all financial market segments like Share Market (NSE Cash, NSE futures, NSE Options), Commodity Market (MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX), COMEX, NYMEX and International FOREX market as well. Its four level signal filtering system enables you to accept or decline or to analyze the quality of the given buy sell signals.

Our Auto buy sell signal is programmed to work on Metatrader4 (MT4) Platform which is the most loved platform by traders around the world. Our real time tick streaming live data gives you the most accurate price feeds. This system enables you to eliminate the numerous strategies and indicators and stick to one and makes us 100% Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Generating Software for trading.

100% Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Generating Software for trading


Do you think your current trading style; is it like a professional trader?

With that trading style can you assure monthly return?

Are you suffering heavy loss in Trading?

Do you want to be a professional Trader with assured Monthly Return?

Are you considering Trading as a Career / Business (Not for Gambling / Time Pass)?


If your answer is NO then Alertel Trading Systems will help you to make you a professional

Trader in a Month with Assured Monthly Return in Trading from Commodity Market (MCX), Forex and NSE.

Even you can double your investment in a month time. You can trade in all kind of markets with

100% accuracy, our software will support you, it will generate automatic buy sell signals with

Exact level of target & Stop loss.

For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994

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Automatic Buy Sell signal generating software in MCX/NSE&FOREX

Automatic Buy Sell signal generating software in MCX/NSE&FOREX


Alertel Trading system generates automatic buy/sell signals in MCX,NSE &FOREX Markets.

You don’t need any prior experience in Trading. Just follow our software and simple rules,

You will become a Professional Trader and enjoy your financial freedom in a short time.

No one can predict the market 100%, but we can predict the market with almost 90% accuracy with

Alertel Trading System. RI Alertelr displays current Short Term/Medium Term/Long Term trend

On the screen and the give signals buy/sell with exact target & Stop loss in real time market.

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For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994


The best signals for Forex and MCX

Made in Germany, Used in India

The giants who redefined the EU market is now in India with signals for Forex , MCX , NSE , NYMEX and COMEX . Xentel’s Alertel V series Platinum signal system gives you more than 95% accurate buy sell signals. This system works best for Forex and Commodities. Be it Bank Nifty or Signals For crude the correct entry and exit makes a profitable trade.

Six trading systems under one pack that suitable for day trading and positional trading (Short Term & Long Term)

100% Assured Monthly Return on Investment

Equipped with Four Level Filtering system to assure for highest accuracy signals

You Will Get Alert with Sound and Popup message on Screen

Displays Stop Loss levels on Screen

Multiple Time Frame Supported

Multiple Chart windows on a Single Screen

Buy Sell signals with Alert Message and Sounds

Alertel software is easy to understand and no need of any prior experience in trading.

Time Frame available as 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, D1, W1, MN

Free Life Time Support

Updating of new trading systems is free of cost

For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994


Free Signals for Forex and MCX

Hi Traders,

I am here to introduce our technical trading software.

Our SOFTWARE is highly accurate and user friendly which will generates the Live & Real-Time trading signals with accurate entry and exit points with exact Stop loss. It can be used for share, commodity trading and FOREX trading with accuracy of more than 97%. All that you have to do is buying & sell when SOFTWARE tells you. ALL u wanted to have is just basic computer operating knowledge. All our products are designed in such way that it not only indicate dynamic resistance and support levels, trend of the market and strength of the current trend and also gives you accurate entry and exit points. We claim to make a profit of 2 to 3 % of your investment per day if you trade exactly as shown by the software. Even a person with no prior experience in trading can make amazing returns with our software. All you have to do is buying and sell when the software gives signals. We welcome you to see the demo of the software in live market and evaluate its performance. Our signals works well for both intraday traders and position traders. This software is widely used in buy sell signal software for mcx, nifty, nifty options, forex and nse. Apply for a day’s demo in live market conditions and experience the power of Alertel V series platinum signal software for Forex and MCX.

For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994


Most Accurate BUY SELL Signal Software

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our New Version Trading system Alertel Systems.
Alertel V series signal system comes with 4 layers of advanced filtering system which will enable you to trade with ease and take less stress analyzing the correct entry and exit points. We understand the key point in making good profits are the right entries and exits. All you need to do is follow the signal system and do absolutely what it says.
Request you to please go through the below mentioned details to better understand about us and our trading systems.
One day free trial for all ….
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How to Purchase?
You can purchase Alertel Trading System by making payment through your Credit/Debit Card.
Contact us through any of following method mentioned below or visit our web or to make payment.
How to Install Software?
Once the payment received by our Accounts Department, we will deliver the installation file to your registered email id with in 10 minutes after we received all details from your side.
If you need technical support to configure Alertel System, our tech team will help you through desktop sharing softwares like
How to Contact Alertel Systems?
1. You can contact us through LIVE CHAT facility provided in our web or
Our Office Timing:
Monday – Friday : 04.00 am to 01.30 pm (GMT)
Our Tech department is equipped to support / respond to all clients with in 10 minutes after we receive the payment / support request in our Office Timings mentioned above. If the payment comes after our office timings, the same will be updated on the NEXT working day with highest priority.
If you have any further clarification, feel free to contact us by reply to this email or use any of method mentioned above to contact us.
Thanks in Advance
Sam Jacob
Senior Sales Manager
Alertel Systems
+91 8139839994


Buy Sell software

The Key for a successful trade is the perfect entry and exit. That was the key point we had in our mind when we developed the V series for Forex and Indian markets. Signal generating Software for MCX Trading

No Risk, No Loss, Be a Professional Trader in a Month Time without any Prior Experience. Get Assured Monthly Returns from Trading in MCX, NSE, FOREX

Get Laser Accurate Buy Sell Entry Points with Stop Loss and Target, can easily earn 2 to 5% of return on your investment daily. Alertel is now available with German technology  Trading Systems under One Pack, which ensures assured profit in day trading and positional trading (Short Term & Long Term) Alertel gives you automatic Buy Sell Signals in MCX, NSE Stocks and NSE Futures, NCDEX, and FOREX with more than 90% Accuracy. You will get assured monthly return by following software and simple rules. Everyone can be a professional trader, and can earn good income from home, no need of any prior experience in trading, online training and real-time demo available for free. Alertel is easy to understand, so there is no need of any prior experience in trading, suitable for everyone (Retired Persons, House Wives, Students, Employed People, Business People etc) and earn good income from the comfort of home. The Alertel software is performing in Indian Market for more than 5 years successfully with customer satisfaction. We will help you to open trading account with lowest brokerage in Commodity (MCX) and support for trading with our software. Be a professional trader in a month time without any prior experience, all you have to do is just follow our software and money management rules blindly. Even you can double your investment in a month time.

For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994




Alertel Buy / Sell signals

Alertel Trading System is a Unique and Exclusive System which is Purely Made for the Intraday Traders.Its Basesed on the Breakout Strategy while other signals and indicators comes with the Price action or Time Frame Based strategy. Apart for other systems Alertel Trading System is totally different and Highly Profitable. It Gives Proper Signal For Buying and Selling in Every Commodity or Equity as well as it will give followup Messages also Such as Target 1 achieved , Target 2 achieved.Because its a Breakout based stategy so that its results are also mind blowing and it gives good calls to follow. Our all systems are user friendly beause we provide signal with proper Stoploss and Targets On the screen itself. A beginner also can easily use the system and Get A smart Return from the market as the indicator having accuracy upto 90% in All Markets.For every signal there is a sound alert for easy tracking of each and every signal.

How to take the best Buy / Sell

How to take the best Buy / Sell

The click to Buy and Sell is the most important thing and it is the scariest thing even for an experienced trader. Sometimes He or she wishes there was some one beside you to point out or figure out where to place the perfect order.

I do see people relying extensively on social media and following someone blindly where they say free signals. Why anyone would want to do that, I wonder.

Remember they are humans and they are not better than you. To give accurate trading signals you need to have the assistance of so many factors combined with historical analysis to even predict the future market movement to a mere perfection for retail trading which is what you and I are doing. We do it for a living.

The Best signal systems which combines of millions of analysis is used by the big institution and banks which is so unapproachable and not possible by us who trades for a living.

Alertel systems is the right too for you. Well this is not the system which is used by the banks but the technology is the same. This system has got millions of historical analysis and it predicts the market with near perfection. This system is used by many and they find it rewarding which makes us happy.

Combined with historical analysis and robust R & D makes Alertel Systems the best friend of a trader who trades in FOREX and Commodities. This is even suitable for Indian Market traders who trades in MCX, MCX SX, NSE, COMEX and NYMEX.

This system gives you the most accurate trading signals at the right moment where you can take the perfect BUY / SELL entries.

How can Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal system is the best buy sell signal software in India and how it affects my trading?
Well Pictuires speak more words than actual words. Before I show you yesterdays snapshots let me explain briefly about the compnay. Xentel’s Alertel buy sell signal system provides you the near perfect accurate buy sell signals for –
A. NSE Stocks and Futures includes NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, INFOSYS, SBIN, etc.
We all know we want to make money and we want to make it quick. This is what exactly we offer. We have done the research for you. We have done the analysis for you. We have done the maths for you. Yneed to spend hours listening to market gibberish or some guy yapping away on the screen or spend head breaking hours studying the market and going through journals.
Alertel buy sell signal software does the above all and gives you the most accurate buy sell signals for you to trade like a proffessional from day one itself.
Its four level confirmation system lets you know the valididty of the signal generated so you can be sure that the buy sell signal generated is 100 percent authentic. This made us the best buy sell software for NIFTY trading along with MCX and FOREX in India and around the world.

For International FOREX:

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The best BUY / SELL Signal System

Even if you are a newbie to the stock market, commodity market and technical analysis, no matter? Our software will properly guide you to analyse Indian markets and within few weaks you will start making money from trading like a professional trader. Everyone can make daily profits with very minimum investment by trading with the help of our genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence based system.

Alertel gives you the best BUY/ SELL Signals and is easy handling and user friendly interface makes it suitable for everyone [Business mans, Retired office workers, College students and House wives etc.


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ALERTEL was formed keeping one mission in mind. To create trader friendly software that gives the right signals and pointers in a way even a beginner could understand, interpret and trade successfully in almost all markets and market conditions. Alertel team includes engineers and traders from almost all markets who have years of experience matched with perfect skills. After many hurdles we are proud to say that we created complete trader friendly software that can be the best friend of a beginner as well as a professional.
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Europe’s best BUY/ SELL signal system is here in India. The most perfect and accurate buy sell signals for MCX, NSE and FOREX. Take a live market demo for free today and experience accuracy in high levels.
  • Automatic Buy and Sell Signals for all scripts
  • Message and sound alerts for all scripts.
  • Auto scanner for all open scripts
  • No need to be an expert in trading.
  • Identifies Range bound market.
  • Four level of confirmation filters for each signal.
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