The best BUY / SELL Signal System

Even if you are a newbie to the stock market, commodity market and technical analysis, no matter? Our software will properly guide you to analyse Indian markets and within few weaks you will start making money from trading like a professional trader. Everyone can make daily profits with very minimum investment by trading with the help of our genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence based system.

Alertel gives you the best BUY/ SELL Signals and is easy handling and user friendly interface makes it suitable for everyone [Business mans, Retired office workers, College students and House wives etc.

How to choose a BUY / SELL signal system

It has become a trend in Social media people creating pages and asking others to post their phone numbers for  good signals. But I do not know how worthy are those signals. Not everyday can anyone predict the future. Now let me say even the best minds makes mistakes. To predict the next move one should be really alert and should know the technical aspects as well as the historical data and that has to be analyzed perfectly . basically what you see on social media is just speculations which in some cases just got lucky.

Let me say humans are not capable to process this vast data in their mind. To do that one may need the support of software which can calculate and analyze the data and give almost accurate details. Our BUY / SELL signal system is equipped with historical data and it uses almost all the parameters available to analyze the and give accurate BUY/ SELL signals for FOREX, MCX , MCX SX , NSE and NYMEX. It gives you a four level confirmation for you to make that decision which I consider most people lack the ability to do that. The toughest thing to do is to click the button for BUY / SELL. Alertel V series gives you not jsut one but four level of accuracy to you to click the button.



ALERTEL was formed keeping one mission in mind. To create trader friendly software that gives the right signals and pointers in a way even a beginner could understand, interpret and trade successfully in almost all markets and market conditions. Alertel team includes engineers and traders from almost all markets who have years of experience matched with perfect skills. After many hurdles we are proud to say that we created complete trader friendly software that can be the best friend of a beginner as well as a professional.

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Europe’s best BUY/ SELL signal system is here in India. The most perfect and accurate buy sell signals for MCX, NSE and FOREX. Take a live market demo for free today and experience accuracy in high levels.
  • Automatic Buy and Sell Signals for all scripts
  • Message and sound alerts for all scripts.
  • Auto scanner for all open scripts
  • No need to be an expert in trading.
  • Identifies Range bound market.
  • Four level of confirmation filters for each signal.
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