How to choose a buy sell signal system and what makes Alertel V series Platinum The best buy sell signal software in India.

Most accurate buy sell signal software

How to choose a buy sell signal system and what makes Alertel V series Platinum The best buy sell signal software in India.

First thing you need to do is differentiate between the good and the bad ones. In my research I have found 99% of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Programming a simple algorithm takes almost no time and the displays will be as same as of those good ones. A car is a car but you can really differentiate a budget and an expensive sedan. The performance always matter.

I see tips and calls providers all around social media asking to drop your number for tips. May be they are good but there are cons in availing tips and calls through sms or whatsaap.

The main disadvantages of tips and calls are:

  1. You will never have an idea of what tool or software or market studies the person is using to provide you the calls. What you may getting is his personal opinion out of his own experience he just might want you to copy his trades.
  2. By the time his calls and tips reaches you the actual entry points may have long gone. No trades are good if you miss the entry and exit points. Red and green candles are market movement indicators not all Green are buy point sand not all Red are sell points.
  3. You are totally dependent on the provider’s studies and by time passes you will lose your ability to interpret the market. What if he stops providing you tips assuming that the provider is really good (very rarely).
  4. You may need to pay him continually for different packs and calls.
  5. There are chances for oversight. You may actually miss those calls some times.

Let’s come back to software

How to recognize good buy sell signal software:

It is always the company that matter. You need to ask them questions and take live market demo and they should be able to provide you the real ticking live data without any delay. Proper response is the key factor.

Years of experience taught me one thing: Most of us do not trade we just gamble. We assume a buy or sell based on the consecutive arrangement of the Green and Red candles. Little we know that the perfect buy or sell entry points are very rare in a day rest is the market movement. This is why we have developed Alertel V series Platinum automatic buy sell signal software for FOREX, NIFTY, NSE, OPTIONS, EQYUITY, FUTURES, MCX, MCX SX, NCDEX, STOCKS and Commodities.

Few advantages among many

  1. You will have an idea of all the tools which are used in this buy sell software.
  2. Perfect Buy sell entry and exits levels are displayed in live market
  3. The most calculative trailing stop losses for the ultimate protection
  4. Historical data and performance with strategy tester
  5. Fair price and full support
  6. You do not have to be dependent on anyone to have the market signals.
  7. Live messages and Alarm

…….and many more

Our features like this will help you to find the perfect entry and exit points so you may reduce your bad trades and take almost all trades into a winning streak. Our software gives perfect signals with 4 levels of confirmations following each signal to authenticate the validity of the signals. This will give double accuracy for you to plunge into a winning trade.

Our buy sell signal software will work flawless in FOREX and INDIAN MARKETS.

The software and our Real time data consist of and produce live buy sell signals in MCX, MCX SX, NSE F&O, NSE cash, CFDs, Currencies- INR, NCDEX, FOREX and NSE – Indices. The software uses and works on live ticking real time data on Metatrader 4 (MT4) which runs the charts for Equity, Currencies, Derivatives and commodities. You can start your trading from day one and use facilities like trailing stop losses for the ultimate protection. That makes us the best buy sell signal provider in India.

Real time data with signals for FOREX MCX and NSE

Our R & D and support team is always happy to assist you when you are in doubt or in a confused state. Just contact us by all means of communication and we will be happy to assist you.

Avail a live market demo by clicking the link below and do not forget to ask the representative about the running offers.


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