How to make money by trading?

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How to make money by trading?

First you need to realize what you are really

  • You hear about stock market and is under the assumption that it can make you a millionaire in few days even though you know nothing about it
  • You hear stories about people who made it big in stock market and you want to be like them but do not know where to start
  • You are a player in stock market but you gamble and have burnt your fingers
  • You did your part in stock market and do not want to try again
  • You are a trader and things are not turning out good
  • You are too lazy to go through the boring dynamics and numbers or analyze the market on a day to day basis.
  • You want to make it big but you do not have the energy and time
  • You have a brokerage account and a trading terminal and are funded but what’s next?
  • You are tired of seeing losing trades all the time.
  • Negativity, fear and greed lurks around you when you think about trading
  • You always think today will be different but ends up bad for you.

You need to understand the simple truth about market. It does not care about you. It is a ruthless monster who is all ready to devour you. But you can control it and how is the big question.

You probably must have heard of different styles of trading like swing, positional and scalping. Let me imagine that you know how to trade but want to make it big. How to make money? Well it is not as hard as you think. I am assuming you do not have the time and energy to churn the market insights and numbers and keep a tab on financial news all the time. You just want to trade and make good profits and this article is for those.

Well from you part discipline is needed.

First you need to identify which segment of stocks that relate to you the most and choose 5 interesting ones based on the initial few studies of the companies and if you are a FOREX trade choose the majors all the time because of their volatility you will not have much difficulty in liquidating it. Many times you must have wondered if you had a time machine that could take you forward and know the fate of the stock. Well in reality that won’t happen.

Before thinking about how to make profits you need to know why most traders fail. Please click the below link to read about it

The key for a good trade is to identify the buy and sell areas of a stock or a currency pair. You need to get a good trade support system for that. Please avoid using stock tips and suggestions from traders through social media. You cannot take a buy signal which is generated in the sell area of a stock or a FOREX pair. Similarly you cannot take a sell signal which is generated in the buy area. Obliviously the trade will end up negative. You need to have a system that generated good and bad signals with the confirmation system for the good tradable signals.

That’s why we have created Alertel V series Platinum Buy Sell Signal software for FOREX and Indian markets .If you are looking for the most accurate and reliable automatic buy and sell signals software for Indian stock market especially signals for commodities and nifty and forex, Alertel V series Platinum automatic buy sell signal software is for you.

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The Best Buy Sell Signal System for FOREX and International Markets

Yes, Alertel Buy Sell Signals software gives you accurate signals during a flat forex market. Hundreds of satisfied customers certify it. We understand that FOREX is the ultimate market and is very volatile and there are tons to learn and research before making an entry. Many people know how to trade but most of them do not know when to trade. This is not magical software which makes you a millionaire overnight. This is magical software which protects your investments in FOREX markets.

More Features Include


  • Highly accurate buy sell signals along with technical analysis charting software
  • Trend based trading signals
  • Market Volume
  • Best day trading buy sell signal software
  • Accurate entry and exit
  • Multi target and trailing stop loss
  • Alert Messages with sound
  • Auto scanner
  • More than 90% Accuracy
  • Four level filtering systems
  • Analyses historical data
  • Four stage confirmations for perfect BUY/SELL
  • Alerts you with sound & message
  • 100% free periodical updates
  • Robust R & D
  • Instant live support
  • Global Markets Covered
  • Forex market data with MT4 on request Indian market data with MT4 on request
  • Defined and refined by market experts
  • Displays stop loss (trailing) levels on screen
  • Displays take profit (target) levels on screen
  • Easy to understand and easy to trade
  • Adaptable for any time frame for scalping/positioning
  • Optimized price channeling system
  • Display market trends
  • Competitive and affordable pricing

For International FOREX

The best BUY SELL Signal software for Indian stock market and commodities.

Alertel buy sell signal system offers Live Charts with Auto Buy Sell Signals, Text and Voice Alerts for Intraday Trading in MCX Commodity, Nifty Stocks, Nifty & Bank Nifty Future, NSE Stock Futures, Nifty Put Call Options, NSE Currency Forex and NSE 100 Stocks for Positional Trading with Charts & Alerts.

Be it intraday trade or position trade Alertel V series buy sell signal software provides more than 95% accurate buy sell signals for both forex and Indian stock market like MCX , MCX SX , NSE and nifty stocks, making it the ultimate buy sell signal software in the world.


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