ALERTEL Trade Report (Detail) From 08-10-2018 To 12-10-2018 in Time Frame M5

Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 08-10-18COPPERSHORT452.3512:50 pm451.7502:00 pm Tgt Hit0.00600.00
2 08-10-18NICKELSHORT922.8012:50 pm924.5001:45 pm SL Hit425.000.00
3 08-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5461.0001:25 pm5442.0003:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001900.00
4 08-10-18NATURAL GASLONG237.2001:35 pm236.5002:30 pm SL Hit875.000.00
5 08-10-18COPPERLONG453.6003:20 pm454.8005:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001200.00
6 08-10-18NATURAL GASLONG237.4003:25 pm239.5005:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002625.00
7 08-10-18NICKELLONG928.4004:20 pm926.3004:50 pm SL Hit525.000.00
8 08-10-18SILVERLONG38921.0005:10 pm38884.0005:30 pm SL Hit1110.000.00
9 08-10-18GOLDSHORT31368.0005:35 pm31336.0005:50 pm Tgt Hit0.003200.00
10 08-10-18SILVERSHORT38677.0005:50 pm38525.0006:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004560.00
11 08-10-18NATURAL GASLONG241.3006:10 pm243.0007:05 pm Tgt Hit0.002125.00
12 08-10-18COPPERSHORT453.7006:15 pm454.6506:50 pm SL Hit950.000.00
13 08-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5458.0006:40 pm5467.0007:00 pm Tgt Hit0.00900.00
14 08-10-18NICKELLONG928.2006:55 pm935.0007:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
15 08-10-18COPPERLONG455.4507:00 pm456.4507:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
16 08-10-18SILVERSHORT38546.0007:45 pm38478.0008:00 pm Tgt Hit0.002040.00
17 09-10-18NATURAL GASLONG243.6010:15 am244.2012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00750.00
18 09-10-18GOLDLONG31337.0010:40 am31368.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.003100.00
19 09-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5536.0011:20 am5553.0012:10 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
20 09-10-18SILVERLONG38658.0011:50 am38719.0012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001830.00
21 09-10-18NICKELLONG944.4012:10 pm951.1001:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001675.00
22 09-10-18COPPERLONG459.4512:25 pm460.5512:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
23 09-10-18NATURAL GASLONG245.9002:50 pm247.4003:10 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
24 09-10-18SILVERSHORT38640.0002:55 pm38601.0003:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001170.00
25 09-10-18GOLDSHORT31325.0002:55 pm31355.0003:30 pm SL Hit3000.000.00
26 09-10-18COPPERSHORT459.9505:15 pm457.5005:45 pm Tgt Hit0.002450.00
27 09-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT248.0006:05 pm246.7006:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001625.00
28 09-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5543.0006:40 pm5516.0007:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002700.00
29 09-10-18NICKELSHORT946.6007:00 pm940.3007:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001575.00
30 09-10-18GOLDSHORT31315.0007:05 pm31260.0007:15 pm Tgt Hit0.005500.00
31 09-10-18COPPERLONG458.9508:15 pm460.5008:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001550.00
32 09-10-18NICKELLONG950.0008:25 pm955.0009:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001250.00
33 09-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT244.1008:30 pm242.9008:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001500.00
34 09-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5547.0010:30 pm5578.0011:05 pm Tgt Hit0.003100.00
35 10-10-18SILVERLONG38724.0012:30 pm38660.0012:50 pm SL Hit1920.000.00
36 10-10-18NATURAL GASLONG248.0012:55 pm247.4001:25 pm SL Hit750.000.00
37 10-10-18SILVERSHORT38626.0001:10 pm38550.0002:25 pm Tgt Hit0.002280.00
38 10-10-18GOLDSHORT31299.0002:05 pm31276.0003:25 pm Tgt Hit0.002300.00
39 10-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5552.0002:30 pm5562.0003:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
40 10-10-18COPPERSHORT460.8502:30 pm461.6002:50 pm SL Hit750.000.00
41 10-10-18NICKELSHORT954.4002:30 pm956.1002:45 pm SL Hit425.000.00
42 10-10-18NATURAL GASLONG248.2002:55 pm248.7003:50 pm Tgt Hit0.00625.00
43 10-10-18NICKELLONG958.3005:00 pm956.8005:15 pm SL Hit375.000.00
44 10-10-18NICKELSHORT953.7005:50 pm951.8007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.00475.00
45 10-10-18SILVERSHORT38595.0005:55 pm38540.0007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.001650.00
46 10-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5542.0006:10 pm5513.0007:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002900.00
47 10-10-18COPPERLONG463.6507:05 pm462.7007:25 pm SL Hit950.000.00
48 10-10-18COPPERSHORT459.6507:55 pm458.4010:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001250.00
49 10-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT246.1008:15 pm244.3008:45 pm Tgt Hit0.002250.00
50 10-10-18NICKELSHORT946.5008:55 pm942.7009:20 pm Tgt Hit0.00950.00
51 11-10-18NICKELSHORT932.6011:25 am928.2012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
52 11-10-18NATURAL GASLONG244.7012:10 pm243.7012:45 pm SL Hit1250.000.00
53 11-10-18GOLDLONG31507.0012:15 pm31554.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004700.00
54 11-10-18SILVERLONG38508.0012:15 pm38574.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001980.00
55 11-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT241.8012:55 pm240.9001:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001125.00
56 11-10-18COPPERSHORT452.7501:20 pm449.7002:25 pm Tgt Hit0.003050.00
57 11-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5358.0001:20 pm5340.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001800.00
58 11-10-18NICKELSHORT925.9002:05 pm919.6002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001575.00
59 11-10-18GOLDLONG31525.0002:35 pm31580.0003:05 pm Tgt Hit0.005500.00
60 11-10-18SILVERSHORT38560.0004:45 pm38650.0005:20 pm SL Hit2700.000.00
61 11-10-18COPPERLONG452.4005:15 pm454.2005:40 pm Tgt Hit0.001800.00
62 11-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT240.8005:30 pm238.3005:55 pm Tgt Hit0.003125.00
63 11-10-18NICKELLONG926.1005:35 pm930.6006:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001125.00
64 11-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5356.0006:10 pm5341.0006:30 pm SL Hit1500.000.00
65 11-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5315.0007:05 pm5305.0008:10 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
66 11-10-18COPPERLONG459.0007:20 pm460.3008:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001300.00
67 11-10-18SILVERLONG38742.0007:45 pm38850.0008:30 pm Tgt Hit0.003240.00
68 11-10-18GOLDLONG31745.0007:50 pm31806.0008:10 pm Tgt Hit0.006100.00
69 11-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5281.0010:05 pm5263.0010:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001800.00
70 12-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5290.0010:50 am5307.0012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
71 12-10-18NICKELLONG939.9011:00 am943.0011:15 am Tgt Hit0.00775.00
72 12-10-18COPPERLONG460.1011:05 am461.2011:50 am Tgt Hit0.001100.00
73 12-10-18GOLDSHORT31816.0001:30 pm31782.0001:55 pm Tgt Hit0.003400.00
74 12-10-18NATURAL GASLONG241.1001:30 pm240.4002:00 pm SL Hit875.000.00
75 12-10-18COPPERSHORT458.7001:35 pm457.7501:55 pm Tgt Hit0.00950.00
76 12-10-18CRUDE OILSHORT5284.0001:40 pm5270.0002:45 pm Tgt Hit0.001400.00
77 12-10-18NICKELSHORT941.4002:20 pm943.2003:05 pm SL Hit450.000.00
78 12-10-18SILVERLONG38921.0003:15 pm38980.0005:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001770.00
79 12-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT239.3004:30 pm237.8005:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
80 12-10-18NICKELSHORT940.7004:45 pm937.6006:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00775.00
81 12-10-18CRUDE OILLONG5286.0005:45 pm5297.0006:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
82 12-10-18NATURAL GASSHORT236.0006:50 pm234.2007:10 pm Tgt Hit0.002250.00
83 12-10-18COPPERSHORT459.6008:25 pm460.8009:00 pm SL Hit1200.000.00


20 030.00

129 395.00


109 365.00 (PROFIT)


Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 08-10-18TATA MOTORSSHORT216.0009:50 am213.9001:40 pm Tgt Hit0.003150.00
2 08-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2081.1010:00 am2071.4011:15 am Tgt Hit0.004850.00
3 08-10-18YES BANKLONG214.1010:10 am217.1011:30 am Tgt Hit0.005250.00
4 08-10-18BANK NIFTYSHORT24581.3010:15 am24431.0002:05 pm Tgt Hit0.006012.00
5 08-10-18ICICI BANKSHORT309.3010:20 am307.0501:05 pm Tgt Hit0.006187.50
6 08-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT254.1010:45 am249.6012:55 pm Tgt Hit0.003375.00
7 08-10-18NIFTYLONG10404.8011:15 am10374.0012:45 pm SL Hit2310.000.00
8 08-10-18TATA STEELLONG567.1511:25 am563.4012:20 pm SL Hit3978.750.00
9 08-10-18ITCSHORT275.5012:05 pm274.1501:05 pm Tgt Hit0.003240.00
10 08-10-18STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG264.1512:30 pm262.2001:50 pm SL Hit5850.000.00
11 08-10-18TATA STEELSHORT558.2001:00 pm554.5502:10 pm Tgt Hit0.003872.65
12 08-10-18NIFTYSHORT10332.0001:10 pm10292.0001:55 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
13 09-10-18TATA MOTORSSHORT204.0509:35 am201.4510:15 am Tgt Hit0.003900.00
14 09-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2064.0010:15 am2069.8511:00 am SL Hit2925.000.00
15 09-10-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT263.6011:00 am261.7012:10 pm Tgt Hit0.005700.00
16 09-10-18BANK NIFTYLONG24720.0011:35 am24657.0012:00 pm SL Hit2520.000.00
17 09-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2095.9511:40 am2103.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.003525.00
18 09-10-18NIFTYSHORT10300.0012:45 pm10330.0001:00 pm SL Hit2250.000.00
19 09-10-18TATA STEELLONG569.5001:00 pm573.6001:20 pm Tgt Hit0.004350.10
20 09-10-18ITCSHORT272.8001:05 pm269.9502:10 pm Tgt Hit0.006840.00
21 09-10-18ICICI BANKLONG307.5001:10 pm309.5002:15 pm Tgt Hit0.005500.00
22 09-10-18YES BANKSHORT227.1001:30 pm229.0002:50 pm SL Hit3325.000.00
23 09-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG236.3002:10 pm239.4002:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002325.00
24 10-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG246.2509:45 am249.7010:25 am Tgt Hit0.002587.50
25 10-10-18NIFTYLONG10404.5009:50 am10446.0010:40 am Tgt Hit0.003112.50
26 10-10-18ICICI BANKLONG312.9009:55 am315.5001:10 pm Tgt Hit0.007150.00
27 10-10-18STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG266.2509:55 am269.0510:50 am Tgt Hit0.008400.00
28 10-10-18BANK NIFTYLONG24874.3010:00 am24906.4010:30 am Tgt Hit0.001284.00
29 10-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2094.0010:20 am2085.0011:35 am Tgt Hit0.004500.00
30 10-10-18YES BANKLONG228.5010:50 am231.9011:20 am Tgt Hit0.005950.00
31 10-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG251.2010:55 am255.3011:20 am Tgt Hit0.003075.00
32 10-10-18ITCLONG272.1011:00 am271.0011:10 am SL Hit2640.000.00
33 10-10-18BANK NIFTYLONG25120.6512:10 pm25249.5001:25 pm Tgt Hit0.005154.00
34 10-10-18TATA MOTORSSHORT186.5012:45 pm188.5001:15 pm SL Hit3000.000.00
35 10-10-18TATA STEELSHORT579.1512:45 pm583.0001:15 pm SL Hit4084.850.00
36 11-10-18TATA STEELSHORT557.5009:20 am556.4509:55 am Tgt Hit0.001114.05
37 11-10-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT266.6509:20 am264.0511:00 am Tgt Hit0.007800.00
38 11-10-18YES BANKLONG235.6010:45 am240.2511:40 am Tgt Hit0.008137.50
39 11-10-18ITCLONG268.1011:35 am269.3512:45 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
40 11-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG248.4511:40 am254.1512:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004275.00
41 11-10-18NIFTYLONG10301.3512:15 pm10362.2012:55 pm Tgt Hit0.004563.75
42 11-10-18BANK NIFTYLONG24903.8012:20 pm24855.0001:25 pm SL Hit1952.000.00
43 11-10-18ICICI BANKLONG315.3512:20 pm313.2501:30 pm SL Hit5775.000.00
44 11-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2010.6012:40 pm2002.5001:10 pm SL Hit4050.000.00
45 11-10-18TATA MOTORSSHORT185.4501:50 pm184.1002:10 pm Tgt Hit0.002025.00
46 11-10-18ITCSHORT266.7001:50 pm265.0502:40 pm Tgt Hit0.003960.00
47 11-10-18YES BANKSHORT241.2502:05 pm244.6502:20 pm SL Hit5950.000.00
48 11-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT246.8002:05 pm243.0502:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002812.50
49 12-10-18TATA STEELLONG566.8009:15 am571.0510:25 am Tgt Hit0.004509.25
50 12-10-18BANK NIFTYLONG25270.0009:20 am25325.0009:45 am Tgt Hit0.002200.00
51 12-10-18ITCLONG271.7509:20 am273.4009:55 am Tgt Hit0.003960.00
52 12-10-18ICICI BANKLONG318.3009:20 am320.4010:00 am Tgt Hit0.005775.00
53 12-10-18NIFTYLONG10404.5009:20 am10454.1010:10 am Tgt Hit0.003720.00
54 12-10-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG254.6509:25 am258.9009:40 am Tgt Hit0.003187.50
55 12-10-18TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT1948.0009:30 am1937.8509:40 am Tgt Hit0.005075.00
56 12-10-18TATA MOTORSSHORT183.7010:40 am185.1511:05 am SL Hit2175.000.00
57 12-10-18TATA MOTORSLONG186.0011:40 am188.8512:45 pm Tgt Hit0.004275.00
58 12-10-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT264.9012:00 pm263.7001:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003600.00
59 12-10-18YES BANKSHORT247.9012:25 pm248.9502:50 pm SL Hit1837.500.00
60 12-10-18ITCLONG276.1001:15 pm275.5002:45 pm SL Hit1440.000.00


56 063.10

186 279.80


130 216.70 (PROFIT)

Trading Disclaimer:
Note: This report meant to show the performance of ALERTEL V-Series PLATINUM in different scrips/commodities. This report has been generated from the real trade of our selected professional traders using Alertel V-Series. That concludes the trade report shows here not from one trader, its the actual trade report from different traders, we prepared all together as a report to show the performance. As per our traders discipline one trader alone cannot do all these trade.
All trading involves high risk; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.