ALERTEL Trade Report (Detail) From 17-06-2019 To 21-06-2019 in Time Frame M5

Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 17-06-19GOLDSHORT33074.0010:20 am32964.0012:45 pm Tgt Hit0.0011000.00
2 17-06-19SILVERSHORT37075.0011:15 am36982.0001:55 pm Tgt Hit0.002790.00
3 17-06-19COPPERSHORT407.2512:00 pm407.9012:55 pm SL Hit650.000.00
4 17-06-19NICKELSHORT878.5012:15 pm876.4001:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00525.00
5 17-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3668.0012:20 pm3651.0001:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
6 17-06-19NATURAL GASLONG168.0012:20 pm167.5012:55 pm SL Hit625.000.00
7 17-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT167.2001:25 pm166.7002:15 pm Tgt Hit0.00625.00
8 17-06-19GOLDLONG32976.0003:50 pm33031.0005:50 pm Tgt Hit0.005500.00
9 17-06-19SILVERLONG37050.0004:00 pm37150.0005:55 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
10 17-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT166.9004:15 pm165.8005:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001375.00
11 17-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3632.0004:20 pm3644.0006:15 pm SL Hit1200.000.00
12 17-06-19NICKELSHORT872.5004:25 pm868.3006:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001050.00
13 17-06-19COPPERLONG406.6506:30 pm407.7007:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001050.00
14 17-06-19NATURAL GASLONG167.1006:35 pm167.8006:55 pm Tgt Hit0.00875.00
15 17-06-19SILVERSHORT37081.0007:55 pm37154.0009:20 pm SL Hit2190.000.00
16 17-06-19COPPERLONG408.8508:00 pm409.5008:15 pm Tgt Hit0.00650.00
17 18-06-19GOLDLONG33071.0009:10 am33147.0011:25 am Tgt Hit0.007600.00
18 18-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3623.0010:30 am3609.0012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001400.00
19 18-06-19SILVERLONG37150.0010:50 am37220.0011:40 am Tgt Hit0.002100.00
20 18-06-19COPPERLONG409.6011:00 am408.7011:35 am SL Hit900.000.00
21 18-06-19NICKELSHORT865.6011:35 am868.8001:30 pm SL Hit800.000.00
22 18-06-19NATURAL GASLONG166.6012:00 pm167.1001:20 pm Tgt Hit0.00625.00
23 18-06-19COPPERLONG409.5012:35 pm410.8001:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001300.00
24 18-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3629.0001:50 pm3618.0002:15 pm SL Hit1100.000.00
25 18-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3605.0002:25 pm3616.0004:35 pm SL Hit1100.000.00
26 18-06-19SILVERSHORT37127.0002:50 pm37210.0004:55 pm SL Hit2490.000.00
27 18-06-19NICKELSHORT865.9002:55 pm867.6004:10 pm SL Hit425.000.00
28 18-06-19COPPERLONG411.9504:15 pm412.5505:30 pm Tgt Hit0.00600.00
29 18-06-19GOLDLONG33132.0004:30 pm33192.0005:25 pm Tgt Hit0.006000.00
30 18-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3616.0004:40 pm3636.0006:05 pm Tgt Hit0.002000.00
31 18-06-19SILVERLONG37239.0005:05 pm37350.0006:05 pm Tgt Hit0.003330.00
32 18-06-19NICKELLONG868.0005:50 pm872.0006:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
33 18-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT166.7006:15 pm165.3006:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001750.00
34 18-06-19COPPERLONG413.3007:15 pm415.2507:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001950.00
35 18-06-19NICKELLONG878.0007:50 pm888.6008:00 pm Tgt Hit0.002650.00
36 18-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3705.0007:55 pm3730.0008:10 pm Tgt Hit0.002500.00
37 18-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT164.1008:30 pm163.1008:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001250.00
38 19-06-19GOLDSHORT33003.0009:05 am33047.0009:55 am SL Hit4400.000.00
39 19-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3759.0009:05 am3768.0009:55 am Tgt Hit0.00900.00
40 19-06-19COPPERLONG416.1509:40 am416.9511:00 am Tgt Hit0.00800.00
41 19-06-19SILVERLONG37318.0010:10 am37375.0011:00 am Tgt Hit0.001710.00
42 19-06-19NICKELLONG878.0010:15 am879.1011:10 am Tgt Hit0.00275.00
43 19-06-19SILVERSHORT37307.0012:05 pm37246.0005:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001830.00
44 19-06-19GOLDLONG33069.0012:25 pm33036.0012:55 pm SL Hit3300.000.00
45 19-06-19NICKELLONG880.2001:25 pm882.9002:10 pm Tgt Hit0.00675.00
46 19-06-19NATURAL GASLONG163.0002:55 pm162.5003:15 pm SL Hit625.000.00
47 19-06-19COPPERSHORT415.5504:00 pm414.4005:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001150.00
48 19-06-19NATURAL GASLONG163.0005:00 pm163.8005:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
49 19-06-19SILVERLONG37330.0005:55 pm37275.0008:05 pm SL Hit1650.000.00
50 19-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3740.0006:35 pm3726.0007:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001400.00
51 19-06-19COPPERLONG415.6006:45 pm414.8007:40 pm SL Hit800.000.00
52 19-06-19NICKELLONG885.3007:10 pm888.1007:20 pm Tgt Hit0.00700.00
53 19-06-19COPPERSHORT414.4008:00 pm413.3009:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
54 19-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT162.8008:50 pm161.8010:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001250.00
55 20-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3819.0009:05 am3836.0011:45 am Tgt Hit0.001700.00
56 20-06-19COPPERLONG416.2509:05 am417.8011:15 am Tgt Hit0.001550.00
57 20-06-19NICKELLONG894.0009:10 am896.7011:20 am Tgt Hit0.00675.00
58 20-06-19SILVERLONG37905.0009:35 am38015.0011:30 am Tgt Hit0.003300.00
59 20-06-19GOLDLONG33785.0010:10 am33874.0011:35 am Tgt Hit0.008900.00
60 20-06-19SILVERLONG38050.0011:25 am38135.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002550.00
61 20-06-19NICKELLONG897.7012:35 pm899.6001:30 pm Tgt Hit0.00475.00
62 20-06-19COPPERLONG418.7501:35 pm417.7502:30 pm SL Hit1000.000.00
63 20-06-19NATURAL GASLONG159.8001:40 pm159.3002:20 pm SL Hit625.000.00
64 20-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3891.0002:55 pm3879.0004:05 pm SL Hit1200.000.00
65 20-06-19COPPERSHORT417.5503:15 pm416.4504:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
66 20-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT159.2004:20 pm158.4005:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
67 20-06-19GOLDSHORT33770.0004:30 pm33838.0005:45 pm SL Hit6800.000.00
68 20-06-19SILVERSHORT38092.0004:45 pm37995.0006:05 pm Tgt Hit0.002910.00
69 20-06-19NICKELSHORT900.6004:50 pm899.6005:05 pm Tgt Hit0.00250.00
70 20-06-19COPPERLONG417.8006:20 pm419.2006:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001400.00
71 20-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3922.0006:35 pm3933.0007:45 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
72 20-06-19NATURAL GASLONG159.5007:00 pm158.8008:00 pm SL Hit875.000.00
73 20-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3947.0008:00 pm3970.0008:15 pm Tgt Hit0.002300.00
74 20-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT154.7008:05 pm152.7009:45 pm Tgt Hit0.002500.00
75 20-06-19GOLDLONG33825.0008:20 pm33864.0009:25 pm Tgt Hit0.003900.00
76 20-06-19SILVERLONG38150.0008:30 pm38250.0009:35 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
77 21-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT3976.0010:35 am3983.0012:10 pm SL Hit700.000.00
78 21-06-19COPPERSHORT417.0511:00 am416.1011:55 am Tgt Hit0.00950.00
79 21-06-19NICKELSHORT893.5011:05 am889.0012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001125.00
80 21-06-19SILVERSHORT38333.0011:20 am38205.0011:50 am Tgt Hit0.003840.00
81 21-06-19GOLDSHORT34129.0011:30 am34070.0012:55 pm Tgt Hit0.005900.00
82 21-06-19SILVERSHORT38153.0012:00 pm38025.0001:05 pm Tgt Hit0.003840.00
83 21-06-19CRUDE OILLONG3988.0012:55 pm3997.0001:15 pm Tgt Hit0.00900.00
84 21-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT153.5001:25 pm153.0003:20 pm Tgt Hit0.00625.00
85 21-06-19NICKELLONG892.9001:35 pm895.3002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.00600.00
86 21-06-19CRUDE OILLONG4012.0003:40 pm4030.0003:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001800.00
87 21-06-19COPPERLONG416.5504:05 pm415.4504:55 pm SL Hit1100.000.00
88 21-06-19GOLDLONG34098.0004:05 pm34141.0004:55 pm Tgt Hit0.004300.00
89 21-06-19SILVERLONG38109.0004:10 pm38038.0005:40 pm SL Hit2130.000.00
90 21-06-19NATURAL GASLONG153.7004:50 pm154.6005:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001125.00
91 21-06-19NICKELSHORT894.0005:30 pm889.7007:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001075.00
92 21-06-19CRUDE OILSHORT4004.0005:40 pm4015.0006:25 pm SL Hit1100.000.00
93 21-06-19NATURAL GASSHORT152.5006:35 pm151.9007:35 pm Tgt Hit0.00750.00
94 21-06-19GOLDSHORT34091.0007:45 pm34144.0008:55 pm SL Hit5300.000.00
95 21-06-19COPPERLONG416.6508:10 pm418.3508:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00


43 085.00

146 125.00


103 040.00 (PROFIT)


Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 17-06-19YES BANKSHORT115.0509:30 am116.2011:05 am SL Hit2012.500.00
2 17-06-19ICICI BANKSHORT417.8009:35 am416.3012:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004125.00
3 17-06-19ITCSHORT277.5509:35 am276.9511:35 am Tgt Hit0.001440.00
4 17-06-19RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT67.1509:35 am68.7511:15 am SL Hit2400.000.00
5 17-06-19TATA MOTORSSHORT161.8009:40 am160.6011:45 am Tgt Hit0.002400.00
6 17-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT342.7009:40 am341.0012:00 pm Tgt Hit0.005100.00
7 17-06-19NIFTYSHORT11771.1009:45 am11740.0012:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002332.50
8 17-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2254.0009:55 am2260.1001:30 am SL Hit1525.000.00
9 17-06-19TATA STEELSHORT491.2510:00 am488.1010:55 am Tgt Hit0.003342.15
10 17-06-19BANK NIFTYSHORT30452.0011:30 am30370.0001:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001640.00
11 18-06-19TATA STEELSHORT471.4009:30 am467.5009:40 am Tgt Hit0.004137.90
12 18-06-19ICICI BANKLONG417.9009:55 am419.7010:30 am Tgt Hit0.004950.00
13 18-06-19ITCLONG277.3010:15 am278.1011:05 am Tgt Hit0.001920.00
14 18-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2251.0010:15 am2245.0010:50 am Tgt Hit0.001500.00
15 18-06-19TATA MOTORSLONG160.6010:25 am159.5011:00 am SL Hit2200.000.00
16 18-06-19RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT64.2511:10 am60.8001:25 pm Tgt Hit0.005175.00
17 18-06-19YES BANKLONG117.2511:25 am115.7512:25 pm SL Hit2625.000.00
18 18-06-19BANK NIFTYLONG30469.0011:25 am30546.0012:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001540.00
19 18-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG340.8011:30 am342.9012:45 pm Tgt Hit0.006300.00
20 18-06-19NIFTYLONG11724.0011:30 am11742.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001350.00
21 18-06-19YES BANKSHORT115.5001:00 pm113.3001:25 pm Tgt Hit0.003850.00
22 19-06-19NIFTYLONG11801.0009:35 am11778.0011:10 am SL Hit1725.000.00
23 19-06-19ITCLONG277.3509:40 am278.3510:15 am Tgt Hit0.002400.00
24 19-06-19TATA STEELLONG491.8009:45 am488.1011:20 am SL Hit3925.700.00
25 19-06-19RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT52.0009:45 am48.7010:10 am Tgt Hit0.004950.00
26 19-06-19ICICI BANKLONG423.7510:00 am425.1510:50 am Tgt Hit0.003850.00
27 19-06-19YES BANKSHORT105.7011:10 am104.0011:30 am Tgt Hit0.002975.00
28 19-06-19TATA MOTORSSHORT159.0011:10 am157.0011:25 am Tgt Hit0.004000.00
29 19-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT341.5011:15 am340.0012:30 pm Tgt Hit0.004500.00
30 19-06-19NIFTYSHORT11730.0011:45 am11709.0001:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001575.00
31 19-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2267.0012:10 pm2260.0001:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001750.00
32 19-06-19BANK NIFTYSHORT30480.0012:25 pm30375.0002:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002100.00
33 20-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2233.0009:30 am2244.0010:40 am SL Hit2750.000.00
34 20-06-19RELIANCE CAPITALLONG50.1509:40 am54.1510:30 am Tgt Hit0.006000.00
35 20-06-19TATA STEELLONG492.8509:45 am495.8512:10 pm Tgt Hit0.003183.00
36 20-06-19NIFTYLONG11739.0009:55 am11765.0011:20 am Tgt Hit0.001950.00
37 20-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG340.6010:00 am339.1511:40 am SL Hit4350.000.00
38 20-06-19ICICI BANKLONG422.6510:00 am424.2512:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004400.00
39 20-06-19BANK NIFTYLONG30475.0010:05 am30575.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002000.00
40 20-06-19YES BANKLONG107.1510:20 am109.2011:55 am Tgt Hit0.003587.50
41 20-06-19TATA MOTORSLONG155.6010:30 am157.0002:00 pm Tgt Hit0.002800.00
42 20-06-19ITCSHORT276.7010:40 am276.1512:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001320.00
43 20-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2256.0011:55 am2263.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001750.00
44 20-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG340.8512:55 pm342.6501:50 pm Tgt Hit0.005400.00
45 21-06-19ITCSHORT275.5509:35 am274.7010:20 am Tgt Hit0.002040.00
46 21-06-19TATA MOTORSSHORT155.8509:50 am157.4011:20 am SL Hit3100.000.00
47 21-06-19TATA STEELSHORT496.6509:55 am498.5512:00 pm SL Hit2015.900.00
48 21-06-19BANK NIFTYSHORT30600.0010:00 am30690.0012:20 pm SL Hit1800.000.00
49 21-06-19STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG346.6010:00 am348.4011:55 am Tgt Hit0.005400.00
50 21-06-19YES BANKSHORT110.6010:00 am109.0012:50 pm Tgt Hit0.002800.00
51 21-06-19RELIANCE CAPITALLONG67.2510:40 am64.8001:10 pm SL Hit3675.000.00
52 21-06-19NIFTYSHORT11797.0010:45 am11772.0001:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
53 21-06-19TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2268.0011:15 am2263.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001250.00
54 21-06-19ICICI BANKSHORT429.8511:35 am430.9012:15 pm SL Hit2887.500.00
55 21-06-19TATA MOTORSLONG158.6511:45 am159.8501:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002400.00


36 991.60

127 358.05


90 366.45 (PROFIT)

Trading Disclaimer:
Note: This report meant to show the performance of ALERTEL V-Series PLATINUM in different scrips/commodities. This report has been generated from the real trade of our selected professional traders using Alertel V-Series. That concludes the trade report shows here not from one trader, its the actual trade report from different traders, we prepared all together as a report to show the performance. As per our traders discipline one trader alone cannot do all these trade.
All trading involves high risk; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.