ALERTEL Trade Report (Detail) From 03-12-2018 To 07-12-2018 in Time Frame M5

Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 03-12-18SILVERLONG35646.0010:55 am35771.0012:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003750.00
2 03-12-18COPPERLONG444.2512:00 pm446.3012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002050.00
3 03-12-18GOLDLONG30609.0012:20 pm30699.0012:45 pm Tgt Hit0.009000.00
4 03-12-18NICKELLONG790.1012:35 pm793.1001:40 pm Tgt Hit0.00750.00
5 03-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3781.0001:25 pm3766.0002:00 pm SL Hit1500.000.00
6 03-12-18SILVERLONG36058.0003:15 pm36179.0006:45 pm Tgt Hit0.003630.00
7 03-12-18COPPERLONG445.2004:00 pm444.5004:30 pm SL Hit700.000.00
8 03-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT314.4004:20 pm312.4004:45 pm Tgt Hit0.002500.00
9 03-12-18COPPERLONG445.5506:30 pm447.2007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.001650.00
10 03-12-18GOLDLONG30759.0006:50 pm30818.0007:10 pm Tgt Hit0.005900.00
11 03-12-18NICKELSHORT794.1007:10 pm790.9007:55 pm Tgt Hit0.00800.00
12 03-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3729.0008:35 pm3717.0009:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001200.00
13 03-12-18COPPERSHORT444.8509:25 pm442.9010:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001950.00
14 03-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT305.0011:10 pm304.1011:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001125.00
15 04-12-18SILVERLONG37213.0011:15 am37305.0001:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002760.00
16 04-12-18NICKELLONG794.6011:20 am796.5012:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00475.00
17 04-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3770.0011:40 am3791.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002100.00
18 04-12-18COPPERLONG442.4501:45 pm443.6503:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001200.00
19 04-12-18GOLDLONG30950.0001:50 pm30995.0002:15 pm Tgt Hit0.004500.00
20 04-12-18SILVERLONG37348.0002:10 pm37443.0003:15 pm Tgt Hit0.002850.00
21 04-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3784.0002:10 pm3803.0002:25 pm Tgt Hit0.001900.00
22 04-12-18NICKELLONG800.1002:15 pm802.5002:45 pm Tgt Hit0.00600.00
23 04-12-18NATURAL GASLONG311.4003:35 pm312.2003:45 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
24 04-12-18COPPERSHORT441.7505:00 pm442.6006:00 pm SL Hit850.000.00
25 04-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT310.2005:30 pm311.1006:00 pm SL Hit1125.000.00
26 04-12-18NATURAL GASLONG313.5006:30 pm315.7006:45 pm Tgt Hit0.002750.00
27 04-12-18NICKELSHORT797.4006:40 pm794.8007:05 pm Tgt Hit0.00650.00
28 04-12-18COPPERSHORT441.1507:20 pm439.2508:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001900.00
29 04-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3795.0007:20 pm3779.0007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.001600.00
30 04-12-18GOLDLONG31080.0007:40 pm31068.0008:40 pm SL Hit1200.000.00
31 05-12-18SILVERSHORT37233.0010:30 am37153.0012:05 pm Tgt Hit0.002400.00
32 05-12-18NATURAL GASLONG320.7010:50 am322.0011:05 am Tgt Hit0.001625.00
33 05-12-18GOLDSHORT30966.0010:55 am30933.0011:25 am Tgt Hit0.003300.00
34 05-12-18NICKELSHORT783.8011:00 am780.4011:15 am Tgt Hit0.00850.00
35 05-12-18COPPERSHORT433.2501:35 pm432.1501:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001100.00
36 05-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3698.0001:40 pm3710.0002:05 pm SL Hit1200.000.00
37 05-12-18NATURAL GASLONG323.7001:45 pm323.2002:20 pm SL Hit625.000.00
38 05-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3723.0002:25 pm3733.0002:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
39 05-12-18NICKELLONG783.9002:30 pm785.7003:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00450.00
40 05-12-18GOLDLONG30965.0003:30 pm31004.0003:45 pm Tgt Hit0.003900.00
41 05-12-18COPPERLONG435.0003:35 pm434.0504:35 pm SL Hit950.000.00
42 05-12-18SILVERLONG37237.0003:55 pm37315.0006:50 pm Tgt Hit0.002340.00
43 05-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3773.0006:15 pm3786.0007:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001300.00
44 05-12-18NICKELLONG786.7007:25 pm790.9008:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001050.00
45 05-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT320.0007:55 pm319.2008:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001000.00
46 05-12-18GOLDSHORT30967.0008:30 pm31018.0009:25 pm SL Hit5100.000.00
47 05-12-18SILVERSHORT37268.0009:00 pm37334.0010:40 pm SL Hit1980.000.00
48 05-12-18GOLDLONG31020.0009:35 pm31076.0011:30 pm Tgt Hit0.005600.00
49 05-12-18COPPERLONG436.2009:45 pm437.0511:15 pm Tgt Hit0.00850.00
50 06-12-18SILVERLONG37459.0010:30 am37359.0012:15 pm SL Hit3000.000.00
51 06-12-18NATURAL GASLONG316.5011:25 am318.3011:35 am Tgt Hit0.002250.00
52 06-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3757.0001:05 pm3747.0001:50 pm SL Hit1000.000.00
53 06-12-18COPPERSHORT433.8001:15 pm432.1502:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001650.00
54 06-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT313.8001:15 pm315.3001:50 pm SL Hit1875.000.00
55 06-12-18NICKELSHORT782.8001:30 pm780.9002:35 pm Tgt Hit0.00475.00
56 06-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3728.0002:05 pm3700.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002800.00
57 06-12-18GOLDLONG31204.0002:20 pm31180.0003:15 pm SL Hit2400.000.00
58 06-12-18COPPERSHORT432.3503:05 pm430.3003:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002050.00
59 06-12-18SILVERSHORT37146.0003:30 pm37093.0004:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001590.00
60 06-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT309.6007:15 pm307.8007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.002250.00
61 06-12-18NICKELSHORT774.5007:15 pm770.2007:45 pm Tgt Hit0.001075.00
62 06-12-18GOLDLONG31146.0007:20 pm31205.0007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.005900.00
63 06-12-18SILVERLONG37263.0007:55 pm37243.0010:00 pm SL Hit600.000.00
64 06-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3680.0008:10 pm3665.0008:25 pm SL Hit1500.000.00
65 06-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3596.0008:50 pm3579.0009:55 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
66 06-12-18COPPERSHORT429.2509:00 pm428.2010:00 pm Tgt Hit0.001050.00
67 06-12-18GOLDSHORT31160.0010:30 pm31129.0011:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003100.00
68 07-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT306.0010:15 am304.6010:30 am Tgt Hit0.001750.00
69 07-12-18CRUDE OILSHORT3613.0011:20 am3598.0012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001500.00
70 07-12-18NICKELLONG770.9011:30 am773.0011:45 am Tgt Hit0.00525.00
71 07-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT302.3012:30 pm301.1001:10 pm Tgt Hit0.001500.00
72 07-12-18GOLDSHORT31032.0012:40 pm31071.0001:25 pm SL Hit3900.000.00
73 07-12-18SILVERLONG37284.0001:40 pm37384.0004:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
74 07-12-18COPPERLONG434.0001:45 pm435.3002:10 pm Tgt Hit0.001300.00
75 07-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3637.0001:45 pm3642.0002:10 pm Tgt Hit0.00500.00
76 07-12-18NATURAL GASSHORT302.0003:35 pm302.8004:25 pm SL Hit1000.000.00
77 07-12-18GOLDLONG31133.0003:45 pm31193.0004:50 pm Tgt Hit0.006000.00
78 07-12-18CRUDE OILLONG3651.0004:10 pm3675.0005:40 pm Tgt Hit0.002400.00
79 07-12-18NICKELSHORT773.8005:05 pm775.4005:35 pm SL Hit400.000.00
80 07-12-18NATURAL GASLONG305.6005:50 pm307.0006:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001750.00
81 07-12-18SILVERSHORT37355.0005:50 pm37488.0007:00 pm SL Hit3990.000.00
82 07-12-18GOLDLONG31197.0006:55 pm31245.0007:05 pm Tgt Hit0.004800.00
83 07-12-18NICKELLONG777.7007:05 pm779.1007:25 pm Tgt Hit0.00350.00
84 07-12-18SILVERLONG37595.0007:30 pm37695.0008:10 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
85 07-12-18SILVERLONG37775.0008:50 pm37865.0010:25 pm Tgt Hit0.002700.00
86 07-12-18NATURAL GASLONG317.7009:30 pm319.8009:55 pm Tgt Hit0.002625.00
87 07-12-18COPPERLONG436.7010:50 pm438.1011:15 pm Tgt Hit0.001400.00


34 895.00

146 345.00


111 450.00 (PROFIT)


Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 03-12-18TATA MOTORSLONG174.6509:50 am175.8511:20 am Tgt Hit0.001800.00
2 03-12-18TATA STEELLONG545.7009:50 am540.7012:00 pm SL Hit5305.000.00
3 03-12-18BANK NIFTYLONG26980.0010:00 am26922.0011:50 am SL Hit2320.000.00
4 03-12-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG229.8010:00 am232.1012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001725.00
5 03-12-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG1988.9510:05 am1981.9511:45 am SL Hit3500.000.00
6 03-12-18NIFTYSHORT10905.0011:35 am10880.0012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
7 03-12-18ITCSHORT288.0011:35 am286.3512:15 pm Tgt Hit0.003960.00
8 03-12-18STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG285.5512:20 pm287.3501:25 pm Tgt Hit0.005400.00
9 03-12-18ICICI BANKLONG357.2012:35 pm356.3001:55 pm SL Hit2475.000.00
10 03-12-18YES BANKLONG172.0012:40 pm174.9501:25 pm Tgt Hit0.005162.50
11 04-12-18ICICI BANKLONG358.5009:40 am359.8511:00 am Tgt Hit0.003712.50
12 04-12-18TATA STEELSHORT538.2009:40 am535.5011:30 am Tgt Hit0.002864.70
13 04-12-18YES BANKLONG181.6509:40 am178.6012:25 pm SL Hit5337.500.00
14 04-12-18RELIANCE CAPITALLONG235.3509:40 am237.1510:10 am Tgt Hit0.001350.00
15 04-12-18BANK NIFTYSHORT26850.0009:45 am26795.0011:10 am Tgt Hit0.002200.00
16 04-12-18NIFTYSHORT10892.0009:45 am10873.0011:30 am Tgt Hit0.001425.00
17 04-12-18ITCSHORT283.0009:50 am283.8012:20 pm SL Hit1920.000.00
18 04-12-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2006.1509:55 am2015.1512:10 pm Tgt Hit0.004500.00
19 04-12-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT286.2510:15 am285.2512:40 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
20 04-12-18TATA MOTORSSHORT176.6512:20 pm176.1502:00 pm Tgt Hit0.00750.00
21 05-12-18NIFTYSHORT10830.0009:30 am10810.0002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001500.00
22 05-12-18TATA MOTORSSHORT172.4009:35 am170.9011:15 am Tgt Hit0.002250.00
23 05-12-18BANK NIFTYSHORT26635.0009:40 am26698.0012:35 pm SL Hit2520.000.00
24 05-12-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT283.1009:40 am281.9010:20 am Tgt Hit0.003600.00
25 05-12-18ITCSHORT279.3009:40 am277.9011:10 am Tgt Hit0.003360.00
26 05-12-18ICICI BANKSHORT356.2509:50 am354.8011:15 am Tgt Hit0.003987.50
27 05-12-18TATA STEELSHORT528.9009:50 am524.5011:05 am Tgt Hit0.004668.40
28 05-12-18YES BANKSHORT175.2009:50 am176.9011:35 am SL Hit2975.000.00
29 05-12-18RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT228.6010:15 am224.8511:20 am Tgt Hit0.002812.50
30 05-12-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2015.6011:15 am2022.6012:40 pm Tgt Hit0.003500.00
31 06-12-18ICICI BANKSHORT346.6009:30 am345.5010:40 am Tgt Hit0.003025.00
32 06-12-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT278.6509:35 am277.3511:00 am Tgt Hit0.003900.00
33 06-12-18BANK NIFTYSHORT26371.0009:35 am26291.0011:15 am Tgt Hit0.003200.00
34 06-12-18TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT2001.5009:35 am1993.5010:00 am Tgt Hit0.004000.00
35 06-12-18RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT213.9509:40 am210.6011:30 am Tgt Hit0.002512.50
36 06-12-18NIFTYSHORT10713.0009:40 am10682.0011:15 am Tgt Hit0.002325.00
37 06-12-18TATA STEELSHORT506.0509:45 am510.4010:25 am SL Hit4615.350.00
38 06-12-18TATA MOTORSSHORT166.5009:50 am164.5012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
39 06-12-18ITCSHORT274.5009:50 am273.5002:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002400.00
40 06-12-18YES BANKSHORT171.0009:50 am169.3012:20 pm Tgt Hit0.002975.00
41 07-12-18ITCLONG275.7509:35 am276.7510:55 am Tgt Hit0.002400.00
42 07-12-18TATA MOTORSSHORT161.9509:40 am164.1512:25 pm SL Hit3300.000.00
43 07-12-18TATA STEELSHORT508.9509:50 am505.5010:50 am Tgt Hit0.003660.45
44 07-12-18BANK NIFTYLONG26432.0010:05 am26502.0012:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002800.00
45 07-12-18RELIANCE CAPITALSHORT209.7510:10 am206.8511:05 am Tgt Hit0.002175.00
46 07-12-18TATA CONSULTANCYLONG2003.5010:25 am1992.1512:10 pm SL Hit5675.000.00
47 07-12-18NIFTYLONG10673.0010:25 am10698.0002:40 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
48 07-12-18YES BANKSHORT166.2510:30 am164.2011:10 am Tgt Hit0.003587.50
49 07-12-18STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT275.4010:35 am273.4511:20 am Tgt Hit0.005850.00
50 07-12-18ICICI BANKSHORT348.9511:00 am347.5011:35 am Tgt Hit0.003987.50


39 942.85

119 076.05


79 133.20 (PROFIT)

Trading Disclaimer:
Note: This report meant to show the performance of ALERTEL V-Series PLATINUM in different scrips/commodities. This report has been generated from the real trade of our selected professional traders using Alertel V-Series. That concludes the trade report shows here not from one trader, its the actual trade report from different traders, we prepared all together as a report to show the performance. As per our traders discipline one trader alone cannot do all these trade.
All trading involves high risk; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.