7 Secrets of winning in the stock market

7 Secrets of winning in the stock market

7 Secrets of winning in the stock market

Humans have a tendency to follow the crowd or the media. It is basic psychology. We assume that we know stuff but blindly believe the other person. In your heart you think you may be wrong and the other person or the media is right. Media always pushes propaganda. They want you to listen to them. They are asked to push certain stocks daily where they rip on commission. It is always the game of making money. For that reason they will force their hidden agenda on you. If you are an investor and if you want to make money use your own brain and time. Never go with the crowd.

Following are the 7 steps for you to make profits in the stock market.

  1. Analyze the quality of the business, not just the stock – Imagine you are buying a business; you will analyze the whole scenario. The products and their use. Their marketing strategy, their good will etc and many more factors. I ask you to apply the same strategy and the though process when buying a company’s stock. Understand about the company and its various aspects before you buy. Do not look for that particular days glitter of the stock.
  2. Do not hold the stock for more than 10 minutes unless you want to hold it for years as an investment – Once you have found good companies decide whether you want to day trade or invest for a long term. If you day trade do not hold the stock for more than 10 minutes because you are looking forward to make money the very same day. That is a whole lot of different strategy. But if you want to invest for a long term find a company and its stock you will be happy to hold for at least 5 years. In daytrading the market is like a tally machine making up with the ups and downs of that particular stock for the day. If it’s a long term the market is like weighing machine which weighs more and more as days goes buy by accumulating the strength of the company.
  3. Check numerous stocks before you buy and look for a very high bargain – Avoid investing based on the media. They will not stick to their words and their disclaimer states that they are not liable for your losses. So do your own research that satisfies your mind and then invest or day trade. Once you have chosen the stock wait till you get a good bargain. Buying the right stock at the right price is the secret. It is really near to impossible to analyze thousands of companies and stocks for a human being alone. Find a system or a fund manager is the key. But finding the right manager or system is what you have to concentrate on.
  4. Keep a check on the company and its management – Keep constant check on the company and its management on how they are using the money and resources. This will intern affect your return on investments (ROI).
  5. Stay far away from the so called Hyped or Hot Stocks – These stocks are suddenly hyped by the media resulting in high volatility. Generally these stocks are good for day trading but do not hold it for more than 10 minutes. But for long term investments these hyped stocks are a big no-no. Stay away from them if you are a long term investor.
  6. Calculate how much is your return before you buy – Usually you do assume a lot but still calculate using your own brains buy using the various factors of the particular industry and the market. Unless you see a 10% returns stay away from the stock.
  7. Water the flowers not the weeds – people tend to wait even though the value of the stock has fallen to even 50%. We tend to hope that and convince ourselves that “It will come back, do not worry”. Same time people tend to rush and book profits when they see 10% increases. What happens here is we hold our loss making stocks and offload the profitable ones. Make it the other way.

The above secrets are the only secrets to make money. Change people change. Do not blindly believe the media and its little elves. They are there to make money by getting endorsements from the companies. They do not work for you and neither does care about you or your profits or even your existence. Bu they sound like they do care about you and that is propaganda and brainwashing. Stay vigilant. What they say about anything is predefined.

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