Things you should know about the New World Order (NWO)

Things you should know about the New World Order (NWO)

Things you should know about the New World Order (NOW) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)

Let us cut the chase. You are in for the biggest trap set by the global elites who control the world banking system to form a NOW. Do not be fooled by the sweet explanations they give. It is being pushed to take control of your lives by the government by forming a one world government by the global banks and organizations to name a few (FED, IMF, UN and World Bank).

Federal Reserve – A privately owned system by the elite (13 families of the Illuminati)

These guys only formed the IMF and the World Bank which lends tons of cash in Dollars (to make the Dollar a Global currency) for developments in Infrastructure, education and you name it what. The IMF and WB lends money for Interest and the bullion rates which are controlled by the Illuminati fluctuations will alter the interest rates and the countries who took loans from IMF and WB will be unable to pay back. It is easy for them to then take control of all the assets which they have loaned for thus making the country under their commands.

They want a nation of workers, not thinkers.

They could take control of your lives by taking control of the economy of your country and trust me; our very own Reserve Bank is no different. It is controlled by the World Bank which is a private organization.

We have believed the media all our lives. Media is no different. They are owned by the Elite. The media will tell you what you need to do and what they want you to believe. Please do not take anything for face value in the media. It is a great deception.


BRICS was formed to counter the dominance of IMF and WB especially to the interest of CHINA and RUSSIA. We have to support BRICS if you want your freedom of thought and speech and your business. We are way down in deep shit of IMF and World Bank and BRICS is the only way to get out of it. INDIA, CHINA and RUSSIA combined will make a strong force and can dominate world economy and prevent the IMF and WB taking control of our country. I believe we need to Support RUSSIA and CHINA instead Of the US who is only interested in their weapon and controlling business.

I urge you to do your research on the following tags

  • 13 blood lines of the Illuminati
  • NWO
  • How Fed was created
  • Who is controlling the Banks?
  • Who created IMF and WB?
  • Who owns the media?
  • Who owns the corporations?
  • Who controls the governments
  • Who controls the state banks of countries?

What is going to happen?

Once the BRICS nations start to gain power, the IMF and WB and the Illuminati elites will try to crash the economies of the countries they want to gain control. Did you know that the elites are dissolving their currency stock piles and moving to GOLD and SILVER? That’s what we need to do. We have to open accounts with the exchanges and start investing in GOLD, Silver and Metals ETFs. This is the only way to survive the coming global recession and it has started. Do not be fooled by the movies and Sports and think that life is going on smooth. All the games are a part of an agenda to brainwash you and keep you entertained while you will not notice what is happening to the economy. Do enter the stock market gain some money and Invest in GOD created elements. Do not listen to your Wife and buy physical GOLD instead by GOLD ETF in your trading account along with SILVER, LEAD and ZINC.

Please come out of slumber and think about your families and loved ones. This is the time. Do not think that I am crazy. Do you research on these instead of looking at the images of you movie and sports idols? They will not help you. They are doing their Investments wisely by taking your money and time. They can do nothing nor will they. Please do not go after those shitheads and ruin your life. You cannot survive without money. You can survive without movie and sports stars. Do not care about them. Care about your family for something big is coming and it is near.

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