The most important rule you need to know in trading FOREX and Indian Markets or any other Markets-The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The most important rule you need to know in trading FOREX and Indian Markets or any other Markets

Every time you see green it is NOT a BUY and whenever you see red it is NOT a SELL.

People tend to be the masters but they gamble and break their heads later thinking why me. Just like any other profession trading is to be considered and practiced with devotion and discipline. Just like a doctor or an engineer uses his precision tools to work you also need highly sophisticated precision tools to perform in money markets. Be it trading in FOREX, MCX, NSE, INDICES, NCDEX, NIFTY, CRUDE etc

What people do when they see the carts they take the buy or sell based on the colors. It is just the market movement not the buy or sell trend. The market has to roll and the rollercoaster movements are indicated in two opposing colors and you can see that no major fluctuation happened at the end of the day the movement actually appears as a straight line. Most traders take their buy or sell based on the colors blindly and this I chose to call it pure gambling not trading.

There are no hundreds of entry points in intraday trading, but if you are lucky enough you may get three to four but then again you need to know where exactly those entry points are?  The key to a profitable trading is the right time entry and exit to be precise the right time buy and sell and exiting with a profit. Then you may need to wait for the next entry.

But the big question is how do you know where to enter and exit?

No one knows unless you are a big institution who can make waves in the market with one small move. I am guessing you are just like me a common intraday trader who wants to make a living or achieve his or her long chosen dreams from the money markets. You and I go with a very little or zero technical knowledge nor we do not know how to interpret the confusing indicators or the periodical numbers or say to understand the market experts. We tend to go with emotions which in-turn is our greatest enemy while trading in stock markets. Our favorite scripts or currency pairs become an extension of our own very self and we treat them with emotions just like we treat our near and dear ones. Remember money markets are not to be treated with emotions. It does not care whether you exist or not.

So what if there is a program that identifies the exact entry points for you be it buy or sell or in markets like FOREX, MCX, NSE, NIFTY and CRUDE. To break the market and make something out of it you need tools and the right tools.

Alertel Trading Systems comes with 3 trading systems for different trading styles. All versions of Alertel Trading System have its own characteristics and trading style. Trade with confident and make consistent income from MCX/NSE CASH, FUTURES and OPTIONS /FOREX/COMEX/NCDEX.

Checks out this free online buy sell signal software for it features. Its 4 level of confirmation system makes it the most accurate automatic buy sell signal software in the market today. Are you looking for buy sell signal software for Indian market, and then this is the right type of automatic buy sell signal trading software for you especially automatic signals for MCX and NSE. Our automatic buy sell signal for MT4 works well with all FOREX pairs too. It is no wonder that we take pride when people say that Alertel V series platinum automatic buy sell signal software is the best charting and signal software that they have ever used.

Our trading system comes with well documented PDF tutorial and video presentations, these materials will help you every individuals to trade confidently in FOREX and other Global market and make consistent profit in trading. All trading systems come with Buy Sell Alert with Popup message and sound.

Be sure to make the most out of commodity markets with our platinum V series buy sell signals system and trade with ease. Be it trading in MCX or F&O Nifty the signal system will serve you well by giving the most accurate buy sell signals ever to receive in Indian commodity markets and FOREX. If you are looking for a buy sell signal software free trial come to us and click the below link to avail a day’s demo in live commodity markets.

Buy sell signals for NSE

Just like any other profession trading should be considered as one of the best. If you do not have precision or discipline just like the way the professionals show in their professions you are bound to lose. You do not want that to happen right? Just like a professional uses the right kind of tools for accuracy you need the right kind of tool for your trading too. Combined with eh expertise of 24 market veterans and the sophisticated tools and analysis Alertel V series platinum automatic buy sell signal software will be your right and the best signal software for NSE.

Buy sell signals for MCX

You know how to trade but do you know when to trade? If not trading in MCX can be tricky some times. Most of us do not understand or does not take the pain of studying complicated research tools or indicators and it is just plain and simple boring to the core. And if you have the niche to study it is an ocean, a life time is not just enough. Let me ask you bluntly are you here to study your whole life or are you here in trading to make money and become financially independent or say filthy rich? Alertel V series platinum automatic buy sell signal software for MCX does just that. It will literally tell you with sounds and alerts where exactly to buy and sell rather where to enter and when to exit.

Yes this is the key the right time entry and exit. Some people enter at the right time but greed takes over them so much that they cannot exit at the right time. For them we have incorporated three exit levels starter, intermediate and expert. These levels with trailing stop loss will protect you while using this automatic buy sell signal software while trading in MCX.

ALERTEL was formed keeping one mission in mind. To create trader friendly software that gives the right signals and pointers in a way even a beginner could understand, interpret and trade successfully in almost all markets and market conditions. Alertel team includes engineers and traders from almost all markets who have years of experience matched with perfect skills. After many hurdles we are proud to say that we created complete trader friendly software that can be the best friend of a beginner as well as a professional making us the best and most accurate Buy Sell Signal software for MCX, NSE and FOREX trading.

Fair Pricing

We at Alertel know the value of money and have priced our software with fairness in mind. This software is made and is constantly updated by market veterans round the clock.


It is the most volatile market and the biggest in the world. Extreme care should be taken while trading in FOREX. The V series platinum with all its features covers you perfectly while trading FOREX.  The auto scanner scans and alerts you in all open pairs so that you need not be looking at your computer all the time. The four filter system confirms the authenticity of the signal generated so that you can know which one is the perfect and most accurate buy sell signal system or software for online FOREX trading.


Select few scrips or currency pairs like Crude, Copper, and Zinc also EURUSD EUR JPY etc. Run the software and get used to the features.


There is one question we used to get all the time- If your software is good as you claim why not use it for yourself, why sell it?

Yes we do have our own trading floor plus another floor where want to be traders come to train themselves to be the future masters of the universe. Our clientele comes from oral reference through our existing satisfied customers. Let us say no one has quit our association till now. People who incurred heavy losses with other trading utilities are the happiest now.


Our 24/5 support team is always happy to assist you with your technical as well as trade queries. Just get in touch with any means of communication and we will not compromise on the quality of our support.

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The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)

The Best Buy and Sell Signal Software for FOREX, MCX and NSE (FOREX and INDIAN Markets)


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