ALERTEL Trade Report (Detail) From 23-05-2022 To 27-05-2022 in Time Frame M5

Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 23-05-22COPPERLONG775.8511:20 am777.0011:50 am Tgt Hit0.002875.00
2 23-05-22GOLDSHORT50917.0012:15 pm50990.0001:00 pm SL Hit7300.000.00
3 23-05-22SILVERLONG61919.0001:35 pm62190.0001:50 pm Tgt Hit0.008130.00
4 23-05-22NATURAL GASSHORT627.4002:55 pm625.0003:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00
5 23-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8658.0003:05 pm8685.0003:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002700.00
6 23-05-22COPPERLONG774.3503:15 pm773.5003:25 pm SL Hit2125.000.00
7 23-05-22COPPERLONG775.4004:25 pm777.0005:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004000.00
8 23-05-22CRUDE OILSHORT8619.0005:05 pm8600.0006:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001900.00
9 23-05-22GOLDSHORT51050.0006:05 pm50950.0006:35 pm Tgt Hit0.0010000.00
10 23-05-22SILVERSHORT61945.0006:05 pm61797.0006:30 pm Tgt Hit0.004440.00
11 23-05-22NATURAL GASLONG620.8006:45 pm623.8006:50 pm Tgt Hit0.003750.00
12 24-05-22COPPERSHORT780.0509:30 am778.5010:15 am Tgt Hit0.003875.00
13 24-05-22SILVERSHORT61214.0010:20 am61090.0010:45 am Tgt Hit0.003720.00
14 24-05-22GOLDSHORT50910.0011:45 am50987.0012:30 pm SL Hit7700.000.00
15 24-05-22SILVERLONG61284.0012:30 pm61500.0012:40 pm Tgt Hit0.006480.00
16 24-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8488.0001:20 pm8512.0001:30 pm Tgt Hit0.002400.00
17 24-05-22NATURAL GASLONG685.7001:55 pm684.7002:20 pm SL Hit1250.000.00
18 24-05-22COPPERSHORT775.3502:25 pm776.4002:40 pm SL Hit2625.000.00
19 24-05-22NATURAL GASLONG684.9003:50 pm686.8004:05 pm Tgt Hit0.002375.00
20 24-05-22CRUDE OILSHORT8545.0006:35 pm8557.0006:50 pm SL Hit1200.000.00
21 25-05-22GOLDSHORT51088.0009:10 am50984.0011:40 am Tgt Hit0.0010400.00
22 25-05-22COPPERSHORT776.4009:50 am774.7510:55 am Tgt Hit0.004125.00
23 25-05-22SILVERSHORT61862.0011:00 am61720.0011:40 am Tgt Hit0.004260.00
24 25-05-22NATURAL GASSHORT684.2011:10 am680.4011:20 am Tgt Hit0.004750.00
25 25-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8602.0012:25 pm8628.0002:55 pm Tgt Hit0.002600.00
26 25-05-22COPPERSHORT774.1512:40 pm772.5501:10 pm Tgt Hit0.004000.00
27 25-05-22SILVERSHORT61655.0001:20 pm61505.0003:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004500.00
28 25-05-22NATURAL GASSHORT680.0001:50 pm681.7002:05 pm SL Hit2125.000.00
29 25-05-22NATURAL GASLONG701.0005:35 pm703.5005:40 pm Tgt Hit0.003125.00
30 25-05-22CRUDE OILSHORT8595.0006:35 pm8569.0006:55 pm Tgt Hit0.002600.00
31 26-05-22COPPERSHORT770.0009:05 am768.5010:20 am Tgt Hit0.003750.00
32 26-05-22SILVERSHORT61405.0009:55 am61280.0010:45 am Tgt Hit0.003750.00
33 26-05-22GOLDSHORT50855.0010:20 am50920.0012:30 pm SL Hit6500.000.00
34 26-05-22NATURAL GASLONG702.4012:10 pm704.0012:15 pm Tgt Hit0.002000.00
35 26-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8627.0001:10 pm8645.0003:05 pm Tgt Hit0.001800.00
36 26-05-22COPPERSHORT766.2002:05 pm764.5002:30 pm Tgt Hit0.004250.00
37 26-05-22NATURAL GASSHORT698.5002:20 pm696.2003:50 pm Tgt Hit0.002875.00
38 26-05-22SILVERSHORT61350.0002:30 pm61428.0003:25 pm SL Hit2340.000.00
39 26-05-22NATURAL GASLONG707.5004:35 pm709.0005:35 pm Tgt Hit0.001875.00
40 26-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8698.0006:45 pm8715.0006:50 pm Tgt Hit0.001700.00
41 26-05-22SILVERLONG61762.0007:10 pm61940.0007:40 pm Tgt Hit0.005340.00
42 27-05-22CRUDE OILSHORT8849.0011:10 am8834.0011:40 am Tgt Hit0.001500.00
43 27-05-22GOLDLONG51050.0011:15 am51150.0012:45 pm Tgt Hit0.0010000.00
44 27-05-22SILVERLONG62185.0011:15 am62350.0001:25 pm Tgt Hit0.004950.00
45 27-05-22NATURAL GASSHORT681.5012:20 pm679.0001:20 pm Tgt Hit0.003125.00
46 27-05-22CRUDE OILLONG8864.0001:20 pm8889.0001:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002500.00
47 27-05-22COPPERLONG775.8001:45 pm777.0002:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003000.00


33 165.00

152 420.00


119 255.00 (PROFIT)


Entry Point
Entry Time
Exit Point
Exit Time
Loss in INR
Profit in INR
1 23-05-22HDFC BANKLONG1327.6009:45 am1325.6810:35 am SL Hit1056.000.00
2 23-05-22RELIANCELONG2611.1510:45 am2627.1011:35 am Tgt Hit0.003987.50
3 23-05-22TATA CONSULTANCYLONG3289.5911:00 am3301.5911:30 am Tgt Hit0.003600.00
4 23-05-22TATA STEELSHORT1035.3511:00 am1026.2511:15 am Tgt Hit0.007735.00
5 23-05-22ITCSHORT269.5911:10 am268.6712:35 pm Tgt Hit0.002944.00
6 23-05-22ICICI BANKSHORT720.4102:00 pm716.3202:25 pm Tgt Hit0.005623.75
7 23-05-22STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT457.1002:00 pm453.3003:00 pm Tgt Hit0.005700.00
8 23-05-22NIFTYSHORT16258.7002:00 pm16175.0003:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004185.00
9 23-05-22TATA MOTORSSHORT422.3602:05 pm420.8903:10 pm Tgt Hit0.004189.50
10 23-05-22BANK NIFTYSHORT34395.0503:00 pm34236.5503:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003962.50
11 24-05-22TATA MOTORSSHORT419.7610:20 am420.9511:40 am SL Hit3391.500.00
12 24-05-22RELIANCELONG2620.0011:20 am2634.9011:45 am Tgt Hit0.003725.00
13 24-05-22HDFC BANKLONG1312.8611:35 am1320.5311:45 am Tgt Hit0.004218.50
14 24-05-22TATA CONSULTANCYLONG3282.9311:50 am3291.4012:50 pm Tgt Hit0.002541.00
15 24-05-22TATA STEELSHORT1014.0012:05 pm1008.5502:20 pm Tgt Hit0.004632.50
16 24-05-22ITCSHORT266.1301:10 pm264.8402:25 pm Tgt Hit0.004128.00
17 24-05-22ICICI BANKSHORT711.6501:25 pm708.1702:25 pm Tgt Hit0.004785.00
18 24-05-22BANK NIFTYSHORT34365.8002:00 pm34118.1002:35 pm Tgt Hit0.006192.50
19 24-05-22NIFTYSHORT16147.5002:00 pm16034.9002:50 pm Tgt Hit0.005630.00
20 24-05-22STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT455.9002:05 pm453.6002:35 pm Tgt Hit0.003450.00
21 25-05-22TATA CONSULTANCYSHORT3219.5409:40 am3198.4910:25 am Tgt Hit0.006315.00
22 25-05-22HDFC BANKLONG1328.8110:25 am1330.8911:25 am Tgt Hit0.001144.00
23 25-05-22TATA MOTORSSHORT419.9711:25 am417.7512:50 pm Tgt Hit0.006327.00
24 25-05-22RELIANCESHORT2615.0011:40 am2597.8012:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004300.00
25 25-05-22TATA STEELSHORT1003.0012:25 pm993.7512:30 pm Tgt Hit0.007862.50
26 25-05-22NIFTYSHORT16088.9012:40 pm15989.1001:45 pm Tgt Hit0.004990.00
27 25-05-22BANK NIFTYSHORT34461.0012:45 pm34327.0002:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003350.00
28 25-05-22ICICI BANKSHORT716.1012:50 pm713.4502:00 pm Tgt Hit0.003643.75
29 25-05-22STATE BANK (SBIN)SHORT457.6001:00 pm454.3001:40 pm Tgt Hit0.004950.00
30 25-05-22ITCSHORT265.7501:35 pm266.2602:00 pm SL Hit1632.000.00
31 26-05-22ITCSHORT264.5410:10 am264.8612:15 pm SL Hit1024.000.00
32 26-05-22RELIANCESHORT2603.5510:20 am2556.3010:45 am Tgt Hit0.0011812.50
33 26-05-22TATA STEELLONG1006.6512:10 pm1031.3512:40 pm Tgt Hit0.0020995.00
34 26-05-22HDFC BANKLONG1347.9312:10 pm1356.2901:20 pm Tgt Hit0.004598.00
35 26-05-22TATA MOTORSLONG411.7912:45 pm416.4401:45 pm Tgt Hit0.0013252.50
36 26-05-22BANK NIFTYLONG34593.3512:55 pm35034.8502:20 pm Tgt Hit0.0011037.50
37 26-05-22STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG455.9012:55 pm463.1002:05 pm Tgt Hit0.0010800.00
38 26-05-22NIFTYLONG16064.6501:00 pm16164.3501:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004985.00
39 26-05-22TATA CONSULTANCYLONG3196.6201:05 pm3225.2901:30 pm Tgt Hit0.008601.00
40 26-05-22ICICI BANKLONG723.2201:05 pm726.3901:40 pm Tgt Hit0.004358.75
41 27-05-22STATE BANK (SBIN)LONG473.1509:20 am476.2009:40 am Tgt Hit0.004575.00
42 27-05-22RELIANCESHORT2571.0510:05 am2550.1011:00 am Tgt Hit0.005237.50
43 27-05-22TATA STEELSHORT1002.8510:45 am984.3512:10 pm Tgt Hit0.0015725.00
44 27-05-22HDFC BANKLONG1386.0810:45 am1389.6512:30 pm Tgt Hit0.001963.50
45 27-05-22NIFTYLONG16266.8012:20 pm16336.6001:15 pm Tgt Hit0.003490.00
46 27-05-22BANK NIFTYLONG35565.0012:20 pm35725.0002:00 pm Tgt Hit0.004000.00
47 27-05-22ICICI BANKLONG740.1512:35 pm743.3701:55 pm Tgt Hit0.004427.50
48 27-05-22TATA MOTORSLONG430.6812:35 pm433.7502:05 pm Tgt Hit0.008749.50
49 27-05-22TATA CONSULTANCYLONG3264.4212:45 pm3279.4301:25 pm Tgt Hit0.004503.00
50 27-05-22ITCLONG265.0312:50 pm266.3501:35 pm Tgt Hit0.004224.00


7 103.50

271 447.25


264 343.75 (PROFIT)

Trading Disclaimer:
Note: This report meant to show the performance of ALERTEL V-Series PLATINUM in different scrips/commodities. This report has been generated from the real trade of our selected professional traders using Alertel V-Series. That concludes the trade report shows here not from one trader, its the actual trade report from different traders, we prepared all together as a report to show the performance. As per our traders discipline one trader alone cannot do all these trade.
All trading involves high risk; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.