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ROBO - ADVISORS Performance 2020

I want to double my investment. Do you want the same? If yes, continue reading this article. Once you completed this article you will become a complete trade guru.

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What is Robo – Advisor

Here software will handle your trading account. The software can manage your investment. To whom these kinds of software will be useful for? First, for the person who doesn’t want to hire a financial advisor. Second, who fed up with daily complicated calculations to do self-trading.  Also, for a person who doesn’t want to select investment, rebalance, and place trades on their accounts. Here your entire fund manages by the Robo-advisors. So they can automatically select investment and can build a diversified portfolio for you.

These kinds of software require small balances whereas traditional portfolio services require high balances. This factor quickly attracts investors to get started investing. There are certain other reasons which lead the attraction towards Robo trading. Those are, take out emotions from trading activities, this is the main, this type of trading system allows traders to backtest which will helps us to ensure that disciplined is maintained in our trading, But how much percentage it is effective in our real trading? As per 2019 index, most of the traders search for automatic buy sell signal software rather than auto trading software.

If everyone getting good profit using auto trading the search should point to auto-trading software. But, the result is different. Here, at this point, you should consider the fact. Why the search volume is decreasing? The reason is a loss.

Yes, it is true. You will not get the expected result from auto-trading software. It is just a Robo, not a human being. We think while using an auto-trading software the emotions can be excluded and without risk can easily make a profit. This is actually really foolish thinking. If there is no pain, then there is no gain. Without effort, you can’t earn anything. That is why people give up this auto-trading software and pay attention to Automatic Buy Sell Signal Software. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of auto-trading software.

Disadvantages of an automated trading system

People thinking that once the setup of their automatic trading system has been done they can sit back and relax and let the system will do the rest of things.  The worst idea, they don’t consider computer crashes, connectivity, and unexpected market irregularities. These problems will lead to delayed order placing and which may lead to the loss.

In most cases, the broker who supports automated trade execution demands large initial capital as compared to the ordinary brokers. This trend led to the formation of auto-trading firms. But it requires high-frequency trading engagement. Otherwise, it can’t make practical sense. What is mean by high-frequency trading engagement? A computer that can run the latest software connected with a fast and stable internet connection, backup systems, and multiple displays, which will definitely run you more than the standard laptop.

Actually, when you use Robo-advisors as a financial planner you are forgetting about the much more duties of a good financial planner. When we consider a good financial planner realise that it can get to know you personally. With the help of it, we can create and implement a plan by adopting all the available tools and opportunities to accomplish our specific personal goals.

Automated trading means a machine without intuition doing the trading. Computers and programs lead the trading procedure they don’t have any feeling like a human being. One who follows an automated system believes that intuition is not helpful in trading. The opposite category probably will not be pleased with automated trading.

The requirement of a dedicated server to run the automated trading robots is another disadvantage because sometimes it is very hard to achieve running EA from your home or work PC. The expert advisors become useful only when it does smooth trade execution and uninterrupted run-time. For that, a dedicated server is a must.

Have you ever think about the effort needed to develop an EA? Sometimes we can’t exactly implement some types of strategies to actual expert advisors. As per the current level of AI development, trading manually with the help of chart patterns or wave analysis and most of the fundamental analysis is far better than automated trading robots.


Only a high-quality EA can give you the expected result from trading. If it is not you will lose a huge amount of money. The thing is not all EA handle errors and other unexpected events correctly. Nothing is perfect in this world. If you follow an imperfect EA your entire investment will vanish. But, if you can create your own trading plan create it and if you want small support to follow one of the best auto buy sell signal generating software. Automatic buy sell signal generating software and auto trading software are different. While using buy sell signal generating software you can add your intuitions as well into your trading.

But while selecting the one you have to take care of some factors. When you search for best buy sell signal software or accurate buy sell signal software or India’s best buy sell signal software you will get a big list of software. Most probably people will initially take a list of low-cost software. But they are not realizing that when they save money in buying software they will lose more in trading. Yes, it is the real fact. Apart from its cost consider its past history, Number of customers all over the world, will they update their software? Their customer service etc. For this, I can give you a better recommendation. That is Alertelsystems.

Eight years and still number one, that’s alertel automatic buy sell signal generating software for international FOREX and Indian market like MCX, MCXSX, NSE, Currencies and Indices. It gives near perfect and 99% accurate buy sell signals after identifying the correct buy and sell areas in almost all market segments like MCX, NSE (NSE Stocks, NSE Futures, NSE Options), Currencies (MCX SX, FOREX)

Alertel V Series Diamond buy sell signal software is the brainchild of Xentel Technologies of Germany. Xentel played a key role in shaping Europe’s FOREX trading arena to its finest form which is seen today.

They are planning to be the most reliable source of trading signal providers in the world and they know well that they couldn’t achieve this by providing bad signals. This makes Alertel different from other trading software and made them India’s best and most accurate software in a short period of time.

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