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Tip followers make continuos loss while software followers make profit

In trading, there are lots of methods to reduce our workload. But it is dam sure that there is no way to make a profit through a short cut. Here I am saying it from my own experience. Like every trader, I also run behind such short cuts. At last, I reach in the lap of tips.

I thought that tips can make a profit in my all trade. Actually, I was satisfied with the tips. Because there is no need for spending too much time in front of the system, I got regular tips through messages. The price for buy and sell is also mentioned along with stop loss. As a trader that was a very big opportunity for me. I got the tips at any time anywhere. I trade in a relaxed mood.

What makes me rethink?

But I didn’t get the result as per my wish. Instead of making a profit I loss what I had even I couldn’t preserve my money and I couldn’t find any fault in my trading. I got the real tips on my phone and I followed that. But again I am in loss my continuous loss makes me in a depression. I was so depressed because I lost everything. I don’t know what can I do? I asked myself where I got a mistake? That is the only option for my success. I decided to find the fault and learn from it. At that time I learned many more things regarding my trading. I just take it as a chance to make an analysis.

My studies first lead me to the timing in which I enter into a trade. As a trader, you know the importance of time. Yes, I also know that so I made my each and every move with enough care. When I received the tips I enter into the trade in the very next second. I never made a delay in that. After that, I realize the truth that the fault is not mine. Then whose? It was an important question. I made a mistake when I choose tips.

Tips or Software?

Tips are good it saves our time. All the tips providers give such confidence to us. But how? Yes, we have to know that actually, the tip providers follow the software those works in the live market. And give the tips after getting a signal in their software. It takes so much of time because it is a systematic process. They collect the signal from different ways and then sending it to you through a server. But no one can predict that the data is right or wrong if you move with such wrong data you can never achieve the success. Above all the tips coming through this way will take too much time.  It is sure that you will be in loss when you enter with that data. This is what happens in my life.

After that, I decide one thing to regain my loss. At that time I ask for the experts, they suggest me an accurate buy sell signal generating software.  I feel comfortable with that software. When I use the system I felt that someone with me, who can lead me in a proper way. Now I am very happy and following a disciplined strategy by maintaining enough profit.


Time is one important factor in trading. If you are ready to spend a bit of time the software will help you to earn enough profit in each trade. It’s my promise. Remember that no one can earn from trading by using tips. Again I am telling that there is no short cut for trading. It needs our dedication.