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A letter from the CEO - Alertel trade support software

Dear Patrons,

For those who do not know me I am Conrad – CEO of Alertel systems. I would like to write an open letter to all the traders and want to be traders about few things which will make a difference in your trading life. The purpose of this letter is to bring awareness to as what is happening in the trading world.

“Thinking big is easy,

Working for it, is the hardest part.”

The reason behind forming Alertel Systems was to stop the exploiting scenarios of the traders by scammers. They come in many forms right from the tip and call giver to big overpriced software of giant corporations. We priced Alertel just fair so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of this awesome trade support software which does the hard work for you. I am so pleased with the awesome support you gave us to grow and spread our wings. Now Alertel is a part of trader’s life in 34 countries. I am taking this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us and reaping the benefits of this trading system.

To develop a perfect trading strategy for Indian markets were a nerve-racking scenario. But we are proud to say that this is the second happy year for us being in India. Everyday more and more traders join Alertel systems and change their lives for good. We are proud.

Once again, thank you for making Alertel the best support software for trading in FOREX and Indian markets.

Thanking you

Conrad Dagobert

CEO- Alertelsystems

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