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Are you one among them? The Ultimate truth about daytrading





 people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.

“by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late”


If you are one of those trades who are brainwashed and blindly believe what you see and hear on media and does not want to think about it, this article is not for you. Please do not read. If you are one of those daytrader who are confused about their trades going wrong please read on:

You are being brainwashed

The ebst buy sell signal software for trading

No matter what you read in papers or those barking of financial wizards on TV there is a truth which is hidden in plain sight in the financial markets. I am not talking about big corporations or those HNI traders who are connected to corporations and have the leverage to wit. I am talking about you and me, a daytrader who wants to make a living out of stock market.

We are being brainwashed everyday

The ebst buy sell signal software for trading

All those brokers and this market want only one thing, our money. Our hard earned money. They are not worried about big bucks and how the world is. They are after your 10 bucks. Imagine 1 crore people losing Rs 100 each a day (figures are for example; in reality it is much more). Okay INR 100, we do not care much, but they care. That’s they want. For that they will say anything on media. You as a trader is hooked and blindly follow them. You are so engrossed in their words that you will not see the disclaimer which scrolls faster than light that they are not liable for any losses. That is the trick. It is a hidden agenda to make you trade, wait and lose.

Wake Up

The truth lies right in front of you; all you have to do is look and seek.

Let us look at the 3 categories

  1. Big Corporations: They make the market
    • They trade on inside information
    • They cash in on the losses (Blood sucking vampires)

  1. HNI Individuals: Connected to the corporations
    • Trades and bets on Inside Information
    • Get richer (Blood sucking ticks)

  1. Daytrader: Works hard to make a living
    • Thinks that stock market is a second income
    • Dreams big
    • Acquire loss after losses
    • Invests again and lose again (Puppets of media)
    • Trades and wait and dreams of big earnings
    • Finally gives up
    • Dies a sad soul

Wake up

The above applies to all money markets and I am talking here about NSE, MCX and International FOREX

They trick is here to brainwash you (A working class person who trades to achieve his small dreams) to believe that holding for a long term. Yes you can hold it but that is not daytrading. I am talking purely about day trading. If you hold it you will lose. They make you believe that holding the position for one or more day will give you surprising income or let’s say holding it for couple of hours will make your day. It never does. Out of 10 trades all 8 will end up in losses. They then make you believe that Oh you lost only so much do not worry. Look for tomorrow’s big news. We have surprises for you. Do not fall for that. These guys do not know crap about what’s going to happen. They just talk like puppets and do what they have been told to do and say. That’s all.

They Key to make winning trades in NSE and MCX (Applies for a daytrader)

Do not hold the stock listening to the media puppet. They key here is to make a substantial amount each day. For a stock there are two parts the buy and the sell area. Identify it and make the entry and come out as soon as possible and take the next trade. DO NOT WAIT.

The key for a winning trade is identifying the correct ENTRY and EXIT points.

You need a good market system which runs on MT4 with real time data which divides the stock or the commodity of NSE and MCX into buy and sell areas. Keep the time frame to M1 and M5. (For positional traders keep the higher time frame from M30 to H4)Instead of waiting and being stressed according to the signals take the entry and exit with bare minimum profit. Repeat it. IF you hold it you will lose little by little and before you know it you will lose your entire capital and that’s what they want.

They want you to lose small amount each day. Imagine 3 crore people losing INR 30 each a day? Can you comprehend the amount?

The Key here is rapid entry and exit. Let the quantity of the trades increase. (M1and M5). Our system will give you signals and they point out the buy and sell areas of the stock and commodity. At the end of day you can smile. Repeat it the next day and day after and forever. Unless you are a millionaire you cannot afford to lose your small capital by waiting. The media puppets brainwash you to wait and promises you millions if you wait. That does not happen in day trading.

So wake up

FOREX traders please read on.

Do not risk your entire capital on one broker

Invest small amount with various brokers

The key here is to not make your broker interested in your account. A forex broker has several ways to manipulate your account and make you lose. You will not see anything on your screen. You are brainwashed with terms like ECN, STP No dealing desk etc. It’s a bunch of Bull****

Never attract attention of your broker by investing large sums. And the only wait o make money is here is to make it in small amounts in each account and with draw the small profits frequently. Never and ever trust and fall for their sweet words.

In Forex there are options for Leverage and Greed. Please for your sake do not fall for high leverage and sweet talks on spreads. Your orders are executed at the broker’s desk. It never goes to the market no matter how sweet your broker is or how professional their websites are.

The secret: Invest with different broker’s small amount and make small profits and withdraw frequently.

Click the below link for more details on FOREX

Secret of FOREX trading

Always Scalp, never wait, you will lose. And your small amount that’s what they want. Wake up people do not be brainwashed. Let us guide you. Our system will identify the correct areas and we are fair.

Positional traders can contact us for more details to know what can they do to make profits.

Do your research, do not follow them blindly

You have the power

Trust in your ability

You are SMART

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Nothing is really happening in your trading? Then it is high time to Change your Trading Style. Mind and Body cannot be separated. If you want to do something good for your life think you are one who is and will have to it. But what if there is no you? You will find simple methods to transform yourself into a successful person in this essay. Do yourself a favor by spending some time worth a cigarette to this article. Trust me it will do well for you.

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