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How to make 50% of your Investment as profit in just 30 days by trading
How to make 50% of your Investment as profit in just 30 days by trading

How to make 50% of your Investment as profit in just 30 days by trading


  • How many times you wished you could get some real advice?
  • How many times you waited for some good tips and calls?
  • How many times you wished there was some one or a system to guide you?
  • How many times you have got false signals?
  • How many times you wished you could undo what you have done?


We all might have asked these questions while trading. I certainly have. There were numerous times I thought I had a magical software or a time machine to predict the stocks movement. But you and I know that it is not possible and there isn’t such a thing called magic in trading. But I was not ready to give up. I travelled through World Wide Web for months together to find that perfect system from all the promises made to me from hundreds of people of a perfect buy sell signal system they have.


But nothing worked and now I know the reason why


I was wrong. I did not do my research on how stock market works.  I did not research how these tipsters give tips. I was blindly following them through social media and short message services. Boy did I take a heat? YES


But they say experience molds you to find the best. I was thinking wrong. I was looking for a system that could turn me into a millionaire in few days. That was wrong. But what I needed was something or someone to teach me to be patient and how to really work on increasing your profits on a daily basis. I now know stock and Forex markets are not instant money making machine. You would not ask your boss your salary every day. You wait for the 1st of every month. If you are a trader the market is your boss and if you ask for a salary everyday you going to get kicked real hard where it really hurts. I do not know how I realized this but there began my quest to find a system which can teach a greedy and spoilt bum like me some real good old school discipline.


I finally found one


Let me say I was not overjoyed when they told me to approach and use this system as your mentor and the system does not require your logic and thoughts. I was asked to blindly follow the system and not to mix any kind of emotions I have. I was asked not to look at my balance sheet before a month of trading ends. I was asked to be a robot that blindly follows its command and I asked why?


“Do you really want to make money in the short lifetime you have been blessed with or do you want to waste your time breaking your head in front of the market and eventually get burned”?

I didn’t had any answer

Finally I said I just want to make money from Stock market


Then hear us out, they said.


You are not the boss. The stock market is your boss and you should wait for your salary every month. Just like any employee does. Warren Buffet did not make money relying on get rich schemes. He was patiently waiting for years. We are not asking you to do his research nor wait for years. This era all of us want to make some quick buck and enjoy it. Well good but it takes devotion and discipline. Yes you have a wonderful arena called money markets to make quick buck and it is a gold mine for people who are looking for a good source of second Income and those who want to retire early. But the question is how?


Here you will be introduced to a system with which you can make a disciplined and secure 50% of your investment in 30 days. I am keeping it moderate modest because the greedy will get burned eventually. You lack discipline…you are bound to be doomed.


Meet Alertel V series platinum also known as the world’s best automated software for FOREX and Indian Markets.


You may ask how can we make 50% just using this system and I am going to say Yes. All you need to know is understand how it works and just blindly follow. I am asking you to follow this only if you want to make just money. Those who get satisfaction in making profits by their own analysis and brain power can stay away from this system. Because this system is for dummies that is going to be rich sooner than you are.


Because at Alertel we believe in profits not intellectual satisfaction because we know that money talks and bull…walks.


How to use this system


If you are a FOREX trader pick the following pairs.


Just the three and these three are enough to make it big.


If you are an MCX trader pick any two of your favorite scrip along with CRUDE.




If you trade in NSE pick any three



  • DLF
  • ABAN


(The above are for sake of example. You can choose your favorite.)


Run your favorites using Alertel v series platinum Buy sell signal software. You will be trained in how to use the software so by the time you start with Alertel you will know exactly what to do. Also Alertel come with Real time ticking live data without any delay for the following segments.

Real time data for FOREX , MCX and NSE trading
Real time data for FOREX , MCX and NSE trading

Okay now run these scrips and keep your speakers on, the moment something happens you will be called by an alarm and greeted with a message. This is because since you are not breaking your head you can do whatever you please to do until you are called by the system. Freedom baby freedom, that’s what I am talking about.

Just take the trade based on the parameters of Alertel and keep on doing it. Do it the very next day. Replicate the formula. Keep doing it for 30 days and we assure you more than 50% of your investment as profit.

Keep it simple and non greedy 50% for a whole year, see how your account gets fat.

This is how traders need to trade. This is not gambling, this is a system and I saying again just follow and be true in following.

Here you will get

  • Signals you can follow
  • Signals you cannot follow
  • Alarm
  • Message
  • Filters to confirm the signal
  • Buy area
  • Sell area

Other features Include

  • 100% Accuracy on confirmed signals on BUY / SELL areas by the four filters
  • Four level filtering systems
  • Analyses historical data
  • Four stage confirmations for perfect BUY/SELL
  • Alerts you with sound & message
  • 100% free periodical updates
  • Robust R & D
  • Instant live support
  • Global Markets Covered
  • Forex market data with MT4 on request Indian market data with MT4 on request
  • Defined and refined by market experts
  • Displays stop loss (trailing) levels on screen
  • Displays take profit (target) levels on screen
  • Easy to understand and easy to trade
  • Adaptable for any time frame for scalping/positioning
  • Optimized price channeling system
  • Display market trends
  • Competitive and affordable pricing

Three targets each for

  • Beginners
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced


The system does the thinking and you my friend just be there when you are called and in the wait time find another relaxing hobby or spend time those things you love to do. Don’t say that you like to spend your hours in front of a computer.

Call us for a demo and we will show you what we preached above



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