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Daytrading and Investing after Retirement from the best buy sell signal software

Daytrading and Investing after Retirement

Can you picture this man? Let us name him Mr. Kishan. He has worked hard his whole life. He was a great provider for his children. He was their hero. Now that he has retired he is equal to the dirty old rag. He has no savings and lives at his eldest son’s house. He sits in a corner and collects dust. He is not respected by his grandchildren or his daughter in law. He has no freedom.

Is this really you or are you looking forward for a life like this. If you think that your children will take care of you. You are the number one fool. You are well respected and treated good as long as you have money. Plus you do not fall in the trap of sentimental drama from your family. It is just to get your money. Do not fall for it.

Here is a way to be the king of your castle

A lot of the personal finance advice you read is about getting your retirement funds in place, but there is little on how to deploy these once you hit retirement. You may be completely dependent on your retirement funds or you may have some current income from work, but how to use your retirement funds remains largely unanswered.

It is believed that stocks, due to their unpredictable nature, are only for the young and daring. The old, it is said, should do their best to stay away from this risky asset.

Majority of retired men in India has only handful of savings. They are not conversant with investment options and risks associated with investing. For such people, I will suggest to consider the options suggested here to invest retirement money in India. The suggested options are absolutely safe and still can generate good returns. They are all tailor made to generate fixed income.

Imagine you have your retirement money and you are holding to it. You need to have some fun man. You have worked all your life. Now go around and travel the world. Do not just sit at home and play with your grandkids. They are there just for some time. Keep your money with you and spend some for a trading account and make little bit profits every day. Trade on the go. If you do not know trading well it is great retirement leisure. Learn.

If you are from finance or banking background, you can make it big in equity market. Although anyone with a passion and hard work irrespective of education background can earn handsomely in equities. The more you learn about equities, businesses, market trends; easier would be for you to master the game. Sit at your home, invest smartly and you can earn a decent income every month. You can trade even on the go while taking your pleasure trip with your wife or friends. That is the beauty of online trading.

Savings and investments: Do not keep all your money in the savings bank account and rely on just the savings interest rate. Spread your finances across instruments that can grow in value within your risk appetite. Create a fixed income stream from these avenues such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, retirement plans that meets your need.

However you need to know the pros and cons


  • Day trading vehicles typically come with incredibly high returns.
  • The fast pace involved in day trading makes it very exciting.
  • Day trading allows you to expand your earnings faster than any other known investing model.


  • The short term nature of day trading makes it incredibly risky.
  • When you lose, you generally lose big.
  • There’s a lot of research that needs to be done before getting started.

I am going to explain as if you know some stuff about daytrading and Investing. If you do not know about stock market, learn and jump in.

Some of the Instruments you can trade to make money after retirement

Trading Forex Can Lift Your Returns (Not for Indian Residents)

Margin trading in FOREX is not allowed in India. However it is going on. But if you are retired in India this is not advisable.

Binary Options (not for a retired person in India)

Penny Stocks

Another great way to go about day trading is to trade penny stocks. Penny stocks are essentially stocks with incredibly low values. These companies generally don’t have blockbuster products, and many of them may be in the research and development phase. However, anything that happens surrounding these stocks generally lead to large movements.

Day trading is like anything else in life. Without the proper training don’t expect good things to happen. I wouldn’t let just anyone wire my house who said they bought a roll of wire and special pliers. Learning to day trade is not easy, it does take some time and some effort but it is doable for a large percentage of the population if they have the desire and discipline.

Day trading is a great way to expand your portfolio. Using the vehicles above, you can greatly increase your earnings in the market. However, because of the risk involved in day trading, it’s best to do your research and start slowly.

Best retirement Stocks if you looking for the top category other than penny stocks

Daytrading and Investing after Retirement from the best buy sell signal software

How Alertel buy sell signal and technical analysis software can help

Highly Accurate Trading Systems that generates buy sell signals automatically in MCX, NSE, MCX SX, NCDEX, and FOREX. Be a professional trader and make consistent income from Indian markets like Commodity (MCX/NCDEX), Share Market (NSE Stocks/Futures/Options), and Currency (FOREX/MCX SX)

  • Successfully using by Traders around the World
  • MT4 and real timedata available with each system
  • Automatically generates Accurate Buy Sell Signals
  • No Prior Experience needed.
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to understand
  • Trade support
  • Software support available

All in one software that generates best buy sell signal for all world markets

With Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software you will get highly accurate buy sell signals from all markets like MCX, MCX SX, NSE Stocks and Futures, NCDEX, FOREX, COMEX, NYMEX Etc.

Other features include

  • Confirmed Buy Sell Signals, the advanced Trend Confirmation System guides a trader to enter the trade with more than 95% success ratio.
  • Targets and Stop Loss, on screen display of Targets and Trailing Stop Loss
  • No Technical Knowledge Required: Be a successful Technical Analyst without any technical knowledge in trading
  • Automatic Buy Sell Signal Alert in all open scrips, you don’t have to look all the time on screen
  • Optimized for all type of Traders, works well and gives accurate buy sell signals for Intraday/Positional Trading
  • Free MT4 Real time Data: Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software buy sell signal software comes with free MT4 real time Indian Data Feeds with the software.
  • Pay as you Go: You can use the software whenever you are in trading by paying one month software charges, so if you not use the software you don’t have to pay for that month.

With Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software Technical Analysis software in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform the most powerful and widely using platform for trading and charting in FOREX traders and using by more than 90% traders around the world.

Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software is the most powerful and accurate tool for Intraday, Positional and Swing Trading. Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal is an excellent automatic signal generating software which works perfectly for NSE Cash, F&O, MCX, NCDEx, currency and Options. This software generates highly accurate Signals in multiple time frames, in which minimum candle formation is of 1 min which can be used for highly profitable scalp trading. Having its different target points, it allows you to exit in a safe position. Its ultrafast chart updating makes you to enter and exit on an exact price and time to Buy or Sell the stock.


Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software covers NSE Cash, NSE Futures and all Indices with minimum 1 Min candle to Daily.


Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software Covers All MCX Contracts like Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil with minimum 1 Min candle to Daily.


Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software Covers All the NCDEX Contracts of 1st and 2nd Month with minimum 1 Min candle to Daily.


Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software Covers all Indian and Foreign exchange currency and their cross currency with minimum 1 Min candle to Daily.

FOREX (International)

Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software Covers all Foreign exchange currency and their cross currency with minimum 1 Min candle to Daily.

Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software is a trading strategy powered by genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence and is entirely designed by a sturdy pool of technical analysts and financial experts to make it work in all segments such as NSE [Equities, Stock Futures [Nifty 50 stocks] and Options] and MCX commodities [Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Crude oil, Gold Mini, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Natural gas, Silver mini Zinc and Currency segments]. This software has unique technique and it can be used for both Intraday and positional trading. Accuracy is our policy and we have 10 years of technical analysis knowledge in the Indian Stock market, which has guided us in a way to develop this unique MT4 trading platform. We have all formula library (AUTO BUY SELL SIGNAL SOFTWARE) software, which is the main contributing factor in making us to become a front line in Indian share market like NSE, MCX commodity and currency trade, as also in software development.

More features

  • Automatic Buy, Sell with Sound & Popup Alerts no need to open / watch all the charts’
  • Daily 1 – 2 Sure Shot in Every Intraday Signals for Maximum Profits.
  • Its price is the cheapest among all other peers in the market.
  • There is NO monthly charge for the buy sell software.
  • Our software auto generates signals and provides indications at right time, so automatically probability of getting loss decreases.
  • Get Alert-Out-Put. All entry, exit, multiple Targets & Stop Loss.
  • Easy to install and easy to use, our support team  ready to help you lifetime
  • Suitable for both Intraday Traders& Positional  Traders
  • Multi – Time frame Strength like 5 MIN, 10 MIN, 15MIN, 1 HOUR, DAILY etc
  • High accurate formula with accuracy of 90-95 % beats all other strategies in intraday trading.

Why Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software id the right choice for intraday and positional trading?

  • Our Software Work With Indian All Segment (MCX, NCDEX, CURRENCY, CASH, FUTURE, OPTION & International FOREX).
  • Get Life Time Technical Support Free
  • Automatic Buy, Sell with Sound & Popup Alerts no need to open / watch all the charts
  • Our Software is totally Risk Free Trading.
  • It is very efficient and highly accurate on all segments.
  • We 4 level filter system to eliminate false signals.
  • Get Life Time Technical Support Free and In Future Updated Software You will Get Free of Cost
  • No monthly charges for this software .One Time Payment for software.
  • It gives only few signals in a day (Sure Sort Calls) to avoid confusion
  • It gives signals according to your trading style
  • Free Live demo is available to our visitors.
  • There is NO monthly charge for the software.
  • Get the accuracy of our software judge by yourself and then join us and trade in Market
  • We provide lifetime support to all of our clients if they face any type of technical problem while using our system.
  • All future updates are available free of cost.
  • For Installation It will Take 10 to 15 minute, our support team always ready to help you.
  • This is all in one software that can be used in all the segment of market i.e. NSE, NIFTY, MCX, STOCK, FUTURES, CURRENCY & international FOREX etc.
  • Equipped with mid level sections to identify Buy and sell areas of scrips.
  • We provide all time technical support for our customers. Each and every query of our customers will be technically solve and explained by our market experts during live trading hours.
  • Easy to install and easy to use, our support team always ready to help you.
  • Live chat support available.


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How Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal system can help.

We can help you in daytrading and technical analysis for you to find the money to invest and for your personal needs. Read more here.

I hope that I have made it simple and clear for you. For more information please read the blog. It is now or never my friend. Quit dreaming and work for your dreams. Please educate others by forwarding this article. Stock market is a collective effort, the more people the more is your chance to make good returns.




I am assuming that you have read the above three links. If you have not the below details will not make much sense and you may not be able to use the information for better results.Accurate BUY SELL signals in all markets like Commodities (MCX, NCDEX), Stocks (NSE Stocks, NSE Futures, NSE Options), NCDEX and Currencies (MCX SX, FOREX)

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Be it intraday daytrading trade or position trade  Alertel buy sell signal software provides  accurate buy sell signals for both forex and Indian stock market like MCX , MCX SX , NSE and nifty stocks, making it the best buy sell daytrading signal software in Indian and the world.

Experience it for free.

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