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Nifty will cross 10,000 Article by Alertel buy sell signal software

Nifty will cross 10,000  Article by Alertel buy sell signal software

Nifty will cross 10,000

A new trading year is born at every Diwali. We can expect 14% growth at the New Year. Next year we can expect 6,825 to 10,560 levels.

Last year (Diwali – Diwali) Nifty gave us 14.60% growth and this year we can expect the same. At this level we can expect a technical resistance. That means next year we see nifty at 6,825 to 10,560 levels. If we take an average it will be 7,700 points. To support this we can see so many positive aspects in the market.

The China factor

India should have a fair share of global trade as opposite to China who has more shares in global trade. But we can expect a change in this under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The exceeding expenses of labor will pull back China a little bit backwards.


It is expected that the Rupee will lose value against the Dollar and Chinese Yuan will gain strength. This will create more opportunities for India in the trade exports.


According to the recent survey of the World Bank India is expected to grow 7.5 – 8% GDP in this year and Chinese GDP growth is expected to be lower than 7%. I strongly believe that this is the time to get into the share market if you haven’t done so yet.

Tax Rates

India’s tax rates are much lower than other countries. India tax rates are expected to be lower than 25% in the next 5 years.

Oil Rates

As long as the shell oil cost stays near $65 the crude oil rates are not expected to be lower in the near future. India can save almost 60 billion dollars as long as this rate prevails. It is almost 3% of our GDP. There is a chance that crude rate will fall to $26 depends on the surplus and there are some obstacles for this in the market right now.

Factors that affect the rise and fall of NIFTY

Interest rate

India’s interest rates are at higher levels at 10-13% when compared to China’s 3-4%

Foreign Investments in India

If US Federal reserve hikes its interest rate the foreign investments here in India could be withdrawn.

Oil rate fluctuations

If oil rates go above $65 there could be serious implications on the negative side

How to select good stocks

If you want good returns this year you need to select good stocks. Here are some few tips on how to select good stocks

  • When you buy a property you are extra cautious. You will check the historical documents of the property you wish to buy. It is no different in stock market. When you plan to buy stocks you are going to be one of the owners of the company. You should check the past 5 year performance of the company such as its sales, market share returns and profits. You can avail all these free of cost in the internet.
  • Think ten times before you invest in a company who is running in losses. The chance of you losing money is much higher
  • Select a company who consistently gives good dividends
  • You need to check the earnings per share (EPS) of the company every quarter and should analyze its growth. A company who shows good EPS growth is idea to be a part of.
  • Finally you need to select your advisor carefully. I would not personally go after human advice because that can be wrong. You need to select a good system to know stuff. But if you are looking for advisors before you do what they say educate yourself.

At Alertel we use the platinum V series to analyze stocks and markets as a whole including international FOREX. Our system is much loved and gives accurate buy sell suggestions to trade NSE, MCX and FOREX. Traders who trade NIFTY find the V series platinum buy sell signal software the best software to trade NIFTY.

Below are some stocks we have suggested using Alertel last year. The holding period was one year. We believe in making our clients money in a short period. Time is the key factor here. What is the use of you investing in blue chip stocks which barely gives you a substantial income in the long term? Check this out.

Company Price on Sep 16 2015 in INR Price on Sep 16 2016 in INR Change (%) Software
Upper Ganges 33.55 416.15 1140.40% Alertel Platinum
Dwarikesh Sugar 25.1 263.9 951.40% Alertel Platinum
Energy Dev 19.4 202.8 945.40% Alertel Platinum
Mahamaya Steel 36 357.45 892.90% Alertel Platinum
Medicamen Bi 21.6 176.5 717.10% Alertel Platinum
Fireweb 15.2 109.85 622.70% Alertel Platinum
Oudh Sugar 17.6 118.4 572.70% Alertel Platinum

Imagine if you were with us last year and you have invested INR 5000 in the first stock. You could’ve day traded using Alertel buy sell signal and technical analysis system and invested half of the profits into the same stock. What would have happened by now? People will start calling you a millionaire. Your dream car, house, riches all would’ve been with you. Do not worry, it is not too late. It is now or never. Be a part of us and grow.

This is the right time to trade and invest. If you have seen my previous blogs you are aware that investment and daytrading should go hand in hand. Both supports and hold each other. If you want more details please read.

Also this is the best time to daytrade and investing in high probability stocks.

  • Remember Blue chip stocks are only good to daytrade. Unless you have more money and you are stinking rich they are not good for long term.
  • The high probability stocks are for investing and the holding period is one year.

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