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Save yourselves before it is too late from the best buy sell signal software for trading

Save yourselves before it is too late

I want to tell you something. This is no secret nor is the child of my imagination. The truth is out there lying in public to be discovered. But instead of looking for the truth we are blind folded, mind controlled and brainwashed by the media. Oh I am crazy right. Check into the history of the media you watch and who owns them.  Okay that is not the point here. We are bombarded with wild music and movies and gossips and plain white lies that we have become a generation of puppets who blindly worships some stupid sportsmen, music and movie stars. They lie to and deceive you all the while making more money out of you. This is not for you if you worship those stupid celebrity and sports pigs.

All the media of this world are owned by 6 giant corporations who act together as a society publishing only what they want.

Okay now we get to the fact

There is a big recession in the making. Who is making it?  The elite bankers who control almost all the banks in the world. Do not trust the puppets who sit in the government offices. They are saying what they have been told to say.

A world wide crisis is about to happen much worse than 2008. This time it is global and no one other than the people who creates the crash and they are only a bunch. You and I are going to suffer.

There will not be any value for paper money. There are no banks. Your bank will be deliberately closed and your money is gone. If you have cash at home you cannot use it. If you have products to sell, there won’t be any buyers.

The cash you have at home and if you have physical gold all you can do is look at it. The physical gold you have will not do any good. Just like paper money it is going to sit there doing nothing.

Millions are going to lose their jobs. There will not be food at the grocery store. Theft, Riots and all kind of calamities awaits you. Here is how it works.

  1. The elite will crash the stock market
  2. They will destroy a whole country’s economy
  3. Then they will help the country to bailout by lending it billions.
  4. The country is forever indebted to them

They do not care about you unless you are elite and you join them. For them you are an expendable. Wait a minute; this might sound like a fairy tale to you. That’s because you are too comfortable now to even think about it. You are too engrossed in movies, music and games. I don’t have to say that you are using internet for whole lot of other purposes. When this catastrophe happens you are the victim. You will not know what to do. You are left with nothing and all your income and savings wiped off. You will be standing in long queue for rations to feed your family.

Here is what you think. Oh, come on the‘ve been saying about this recession for years now. It will not happen. But it is sooner than you think. Do you know the plans are set? This September ends the Jubilee year and with the last blood moon the events will start. It has taken a great deal of planning by the super rich. They just want to kill all the economies and create a new world order. Do yourself a favor please Google all the bold words and do some research for your family’s sake.

You may ask who the hell I to say all these. Let me ask you, if I came on TV on prime time and said this you will believe. Just because I am not a media prostitute I think I have the moral duty to warn my fellow brothers and sisters to save themselves from the coming events.

I know for some of you I may sound crazy.

But I do care about you.

After few months or may be a year, slowly the stock market will revive. You may think that you can buy stocks at a cheaper price. But where is the money. Your bank account is gone. This recession will start with the closing of banks. But there is way to escape the turmoil when the stock market crashes.

Whatever you want to do it is high time. Do it now. There is no time to be wasted.

But, what to do?

  • Do not put your money into banks
  • Not in Mutual Funds
  • Not in Real Estate
  • Not in stocks

You see these days there is whole speedy push to invest in stocks, mutual funds and real estate commonly known as infrastructure. Do not be deceived by the word infrastructure. It is eyewash. Because everything is going to crash down and you cannot hold anyone responsible for your loss.

Then what?


Do you know that all the bankers and billionaires are abandoning and liquidating their cash and buying gold? They have been doing this since last year.

  • Morgans
  • Rothchilds
  • George Soros
  • The elites
  • Bank of England- Private
  • FED reserve- Private corporation
  • World Bank – Private
  • IMF- Private
  • Reserve bank of India- Private

to name few—You thought they are government banks? No, do your research. Do not be fooled by the names.

Only precious metals will save you. Do not buy and keep it in your home. It will collect dust. There is no other way. Think I am crazy? Okay Let me be wrong what do you lose? You have invested in precious metals and you lost nothing. But think what if I am right. You will save your life.

Let us imagine you invest INR 100 in precious metals. Keep INR 50 as long term and INR 50 for daytrading purposes. Same time If you are trading stocks make as much as you can and using half of your profits buy precious metals and keep.

This will save you.

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