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The best buy sell signal software for trading stocks

How to trade stocks and commodities with Alertel automatic buy sell signal software

Now after six years of research and calculations I must say that I did not find all the answers but I found a pattern and how and why most traders fail. A very crucial point which no one really thinks about or may be out of ignorance they fail to think about it. If you master that art trust me you can really win. I know I did. Even if they thought about it and realize that is the most important factor for a winning trade they do not really know how to identify the exact place of that factor on the charts. Now what does a common man do? He reads the business news magazines, TV or listens to some financial geek to know more about his targeted stock or currency pair. If it is FOREX he keeps a tab on International news and touch wood, he pin points an entry point and take s Buy or a sell. They fail most of the time to make a profit …even though his basic knowledge of the stock or the FOREX pair is right in place. Why?

Try the below – Are you making these mistakes?

  • because thinks he is right about the stock.
  • He thinks his entry point is the best one.
  • He believes he knows the market.
  • He has his emotions trade instead of logic.
  • He is so closely attached to his port folio that he thinks that is an extension of his true self.
  • He thinks his market will not betray him.

May be it is called HOPE. Hope is a good thing but not always. He hopes that the market will rebound and he can exit at break even or with a profit. When he sees the loss he hopes for the market to rebound but sometimes there will only be hope and not enough margins to sustain his trade. And similarly once they see some profit they panic they immediately think about the possible consequences and they really anticipate the market turning against them and destroying their profit. This yes is emotions and we are emotional creatures cannot help it. But remember the market does not care. You cannot tame the market. You have to dance according to its tunes.

In my system I have three levels of exit

  1. The beginner exit – Marked by a Green line.
  2. The Intermediate exit – Marked by an yellow line
  3. The expert exit – Marked by a Red line.

Three each below and above for buy and sell respectively.

Some tips for you the trader

  • Define your goals and then choose a style of trading that is compatible with those goals. Be sure your personality is a match for the style of trading you choose.
  • Choose a broker with whom you feel comfortable but also one who offers a trading platform that is appropriate for your style of trading.
  • Choose a methodology and then be consistent in its application.
  • Perform weekend analysis.

Things to avoid as a trader

  1. Give up your need to be right. The market is always right, do not strive to be right in your predictions and opinions, and strive to go with the flow of the market.
  2. Give up control. No matter how long you watch a live stock stream you have zero power over the movements. Save your emotional energy by not trying to cheer on your positions and get wrapped up in every price tick.
  3. Give up blaming “They” for your losses. There is no mysterious ‘They’ causing you to lose money, your choices cause you to lose money or your system just had a losing trade. You can be on the same side as ‘They’ if you traded differently. It is a free country and free market.
  4. Give up beating yourself up for losing trades. If you followed your trading plan then there should be zero regrets involved in a losing trade. If you did not follow your plan and lost then your money was your tuition, you paid your price so mentally and emotionally move on to the next trade.
  5. Give up your own opinions. If you took a trade based on your own opinion you have to give up your opinion and get out if the trade moves to a place that proves you were wrong.
  6. Give up your inability to change your mind. The more you believe a trade just can’t miss the more dangerous it is. It will cause you to trade too big and stay in too long. You have to always be ready to be wrong.
  7. Give up your past trades. Each trade is a new trade does not hold grudges against stocks and think they ‘owe’ you for past losses. Do not fall in love with a stock and hold it as it falls lower and lower.
  8. Give up letting your trading define yourself worth. Do not let your trading define you. Diversify your life with friends, family, hobbies, and other interests. It is not healthy to become overly obsessed with the markets.
  9. Give up on losing trades quickly when your stop is hit. Your best trades will be the ones that are profitable from the start, if they immediately go against you are prepared to be stopped out. You can destroy your trading account when you start the “It will come back, I just have to wait” chant in the midst of a death spiral.
  10. Give up on price targets let your winners run as far as they will go. In the right market conditions trends can go on to unbelievable levels, the big wins during these trends can make your entire career. If you set a predefined profit target you will miss the opportunity when it comes. Let a trailing stop take you out.

How to eliminate the fear of trading

Nobody has any concept about the stock marketplace as to what will show up the next day. Investors are constantly busy in getting a few recommendations on in which and whilst to invest inside the marketplace in order to benefit quite a few money through making an investment inside the right stocks. However it have to be stored in mind that maximum of them fail to get the proper one for them because of which they must exit from the stock market. Many a times you would possibly discover that the steps that you have taken or the shares you have got invested had been wasted and as a result you can’t get the proper income out of it. If you dare to take the dangers inside the marketplace then there are possibilities of making good and maximum income. In the route of time you return to know the stock marketplace nicely and this also help you to get the last quantity of properly earnings out of it. Sometimes you might not be capable of understand the insights of the stock market and so in this situation you have to get the satisfactory records where you may get to discover desirable expertise of the stock market.

This can be completed by using looking at the various situations of the inventory market and also by way of getting the proper quantity of records online as nicely. It is critical to apprehend how a whole lot risks would be involved in the shares which you are inclined to invest. Many investors fail to know the updated understanding of the marketplace due to which they should make huge amount of losses and this additionally makes them lose their confidence as well. So you need to know the proper way how you may get all the high-quality viable methods to make good income from the share marketplace. If you’re interested in long time buying and selling, then you may also attempt to move for it however with correct quantity of research and understanding that could help you get the most earnings out of it.  So there are masses of many essential things which you need to keep in mind because if you are a chunk careless then you definitely would now not be capable of revel in any good quantity of profits. You have to also attempt to understand how you can triumph over the fear of failure inside the marketplace.

Do recognize your investment plan very well

You ought to be capable of apprehend your investment plan very well and so you ought to get all the right and correct information of the stock market. If you’re able to achieve this then you could not need to fear lots about the cash which you have invested. Once you also make properly plans to invest inside the on line stock marketplace you have to make certain which you are the handiest selection maker so that no person can affect you to make investments in the wrong stocks within the market. Knowing all the important concepts and thoughts are very essential and you ought to also be able to understand things just like the fundamental stocks that assist you to get the best earnings and also the amount of cash which you are inclined to make investments within the shares. If you pick for mcx trading then you have to try to apprehend how to move for it in the proper way.

Do not spend money on too many stocks

If you choose to put money into many stocks at a time then the hazard component could be a whole lot better for you and you will only find yourself losing your cash.   So in this example you need to understand whether you have made the proper choice by using investing inside the marketplace and whether or not you would get the right amount of profits out of your investment. Sometimes you might try to opt for gold buying and selling but you should make sure that you have the proper amount of facts so that you are capable of make desirable money out of it. Thus you need to make your own studies on how can you overcome the worry of failure inside the marketplace.


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