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The Real Secret of Stock Market from Alertel buy sell signal software for forex mcx and nse

The Real Secret of Stock Market

I am a victim of bad trades, judgments and brokers. I am Sam Jacobs soon my time on this blue planet will be over. Why am I saying this?

Just like many I wanted to be a millionaire in few days by trading in stock and Currency markets. Little did I know what was in store for me! I can see myself back then, an over ambitious geeky retarded looking man who beamed with pride when he got his first account opened with a so called reputed and trustworthy broker. I am going to be a millionaire.

I used to flip through the financial times while drinking my first coffee of the day and as soon as I put the newspaper down I used to feel like the wizard of the Wall Street.

It did not take too long for the wizard to burn his fingers. I burnt it pretty well but my pride did push my egoistic nature to its limits. I was not ready to change. I was under the impression that I was right the whole time and it was the market which went wrong due to various reasons. I was just passing the buck. So on with my blame games. Little did I ponder into my own mind to find whether I was all right or was I doing the right thing nor I was ready to accept my mistakes.

My friends let me tell you, you can never be a friend of money markets or kill it. It is a monster and entity raised from the greed of this world. But do not lose hope; even if you cannot kill it….You can tame it.

Yes I was ignorant and stupid. I let my emotions take over while trading. I started listening to the market experts and bloggers and those lunatics who offer the best market tips. Nothing helped me and I was still losing big time. My trades were hitting negative the moment I take a buy or a sell. I tried different markets from FOREX to NYSE and NASDAQ. My profitable traders were a mere joke in front of the huge losses I started to accumulate.

But when I think about those days I was chasing a wild goose ignoring the simplest and most important thing that any trader should never forget. But those days it was not easy to find it. Had I found it then by accident I wouldn’t have thought much about it because I was after the market experts all the time. But some sleepless nights I wish I had some time on it even I found it that time. Life would’ve been different.

Not too far from those days I stopped trading along with the dreams of being a millionaire.

I started working in an American stock trading company minding their news department. Our department was broadcasting vital news to its live stock traders over the radio. I made many friends among numerous traders who were trading in our floor.

One day a rookie trader asked me a question which made me think about my life and question my trading style.

Henry asked me, Hey Sam Howdy?

‘I am fine, thanks Henry, how is it going’?

‘Ah, not too well, I guess I am not really getting this, think I will quit.’ He said with a perplexed look on his acne covered face. Few days into the office I actually became friends with him the smoke bay of our office.

‘What, the trading?’ I jolted, surprised at the kid’s question. I was genuinely surprised as many young guys will kill each other to get into this high flyer Wall Street jet set lifestyle and here is this kid who was fortunate enough to get through these esteemed Wall Street walls and want to quit.

‘Yes, I cannot handle this stress’

He is right, even thought the Wall Street offers you a dreamy look the hot molten lava it produces inside your head can burst out anytime destroying those dreams you had before wearing the stock trader persona.

Dream Big, Work hard and Play hard if you have time – the Wall Street mantra.

‘Any one home? ’ Henry asked snapping his finger and I was back to reality.

‘Why do you want to quit, do you know where you are and how fortunate you are’? I asked him. People look at you with green eyes ya know that’? I added.

‘Whatever’ he said Sam, you know you are in here from Stone Age, May I ask you a question? He asked

‘Shoot’ I said

‘Why do most traders and their trades fail even though everything looks all right and appears to be a winning trade?

I was taken back and I wish I had the answer.

‘Okay look Henry, I got to go, and we will talk, okay, and forget about quitting now and get back to your desk’.

That night I could not sleep as usual. Something was nagging in my mind. After years of financial markets know how I could not even answer the young trader’s question. He was genuinely worried about his trading style and maybe he thought that he could get some real good answers from the so called news analyst who was supposed to know the secrets of the market.

I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I went and made some coffee and sat on the balcony looking at the starlit sky and the empty streets. I asked the same question to me “Why do we fail”?

Hey If knew the answer life would’ve been a cakewalk right? I would’ve been on the cover of the Forbes. Come on dude you don’t know. I kept saying this to myself.

Another voice in my head “If you do not know, search for it, you will find it. Sounds familiar right? Yes the Holy Bible, Jesus’ words. So I started my quest to find the answer.

I took a vow that day I would research on this subject and change my style of looking at things. Years of research and I found the secret of winning trades. I want to share this knowledge with you before I die. Why am I doing this? I do not know, May be to make my consciousness feel better. But I really do not know.

After a month into research I found that there are two types of players in the financial markets.

  1. The Big players who decide what has to happen – Yes, you read it right, do you really think a stock or a currency pair comes to the market to the hands of the retail players without a secret agenda? Then you know nothing. Yes its fate is decided and the Lion’s share of the money the stock that has rolled out has been already decided where to go and how much. You could place almost all the corporate and underwriters in this category. They know how the retailer players with the stock and so on….so if any one tells that it is the hands of the public most of the time it is just ignorance speaking.
  2. The common man or the retailers – us – Yes we get what is left over from the big players table. It is the fact. We trade those stocks not knowing the history or the implications or what is the fate of the stock. All the while we been told by the so called market analysts and the media and it is just hype. This knowledge comes from years of experience and you should seek for it. Then eventually you may come to know how the market works. Yes but we still can make the most of it, but the big question is how?

        When I say I found the basic answer as to where the trades go wrong I literally mean it. We all make this mistake the very first day of trading. Correct it and you are the master.

       Not only I want to share my knowledge I will be answering your questions too, totally free of cost. I will tell where you are going wrong. You do not have to accept my words. But the least you can make a small change in your trading style. I talk and want to talk to those people who wonder why the market goes against them as soon as they take a buy or a sell.

       You can ask me any question related to trading and financial markets and I would be happy to share my knowledge. You can type your message or question in this portal and the moment I see it I will reply to you. Please ask your friends who are not so successful with their trading style to join and I want to reiterate I am doing this out of goodwill. I do not have time to change although I try everyday but my time is limited in this world.

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