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Tips and Tricks of Stock market and daytrading FOREX MCX and NSE

Tips and Tricks of Stock market and daytrading FOREX MCX and NSE

The common man- what can I say will remain common man if he does not open his eyes? Why he is not aware of the great gold mine called stock market? If he does not think outside the box, well he will be inside the box forever.  You need to deviate from the traditional style of investing at post offices and banks. Those will not make you rich. Your money will not work harder for you. If you stick to the old conventional ways still then you can forget the term long-term investments and high returns.

Whatever you think about stock market, do not consider stock market or trading as a gambling place or a match like 20/20. Instead consider it as platform or pitch to create wealth on a long term basis. When people or media says long term they mean or you may mistake it for years and years. Well that can be done, you can wait. But when I say long term I am talking about one year. How can we get rich in one year? How can we make a ton of money with which you can make your dreams come true.

I am trying to make a change here. Most people think that Stock market and Investing in stock market means getting robbed by exchanges. This is a myth. You totally got it wrong. Probably you might have heard stories of people losing money only. You need to understand that there are several reasons why people lose money in stock market. To make it in one sentence they know how to trade, but they do not know when to trade and when to exit.

Probably the beginners after acquiring enough knowledge should start with systematic investment plans (SIP) where the numbers of trades are very less but the return ration is high. Please check with your financial advisor or broker about this.

And you need to have patience for 12 months. But then again Rome was not built in a day

Why stock market is important today for everybody.

When you compare investing in stock market with Investing in Gold, Fixed deposits in a bank for longer terms the results are astonishing. On a long term basis it was the stock market which gave the highest profits and returns to investors. If you would’ve invested INR 100 in gold 37 years ago now your investment would have grown to INR 3200. At the same time if you would’ve invested that INR 100 in the stock market by this time your investment of INR100 would turn into INR 28,000.

That is the power of stock market.

These years the stock market has given its investor nine fold profits and returns than any other conventional investment plans like FD, post office schemes and various others.

Despite this high yield of stock market a mere 3% of the total population of India are actively involved in trading and investing in stock market. This is really sad. Most people have lots of misconceptions about stock market which prevents them from even thinking about investing in stock market other than the age old low – return conventional methods. In America 55% and In China 15% of the total population are actively involved in stock market as investors and traders. These days, without a second income in is nearly impossible to have a good living. People wait for the returns from conventional investment methods their whole life. Is it worth the wait to get the low returns?

We are too reluctant to take a little bit of risk too when it comes to high yield investments in stock market. The frequent highs and lows and fast fluctuations keep the investors away from Stock market. But if you invest in those stocks based on the sensex merited for a fixed period of time will yield you very good returns for sure.

There are two types of stock market

  1. Primary market
  2. Secondary market

The corporations who want to collect their capital from the public are the ones who are in the primary market. This is where the IPOs are issued (Initial public offerings). This is when a stock of a company is first available to the public to buy.

Even a small scale investor can be a part of primary markets to buy stocks at very affordable rates of spending few thousands and become part owners of a corporation. The mega factories and big corporations can issues tocks to the public to collect massive investments which they can sue to widen their businesses and developments. This will create more job opportunities as well as profitable returns to the investors which in turn will boost the economical growth of our country. Without a stock market none of the nations will have a healthy economical and financial stability and growth.

In India less than 2% of the total Income is invested in Stock market. In America it is 42%. People’s investment in stock market and profitability from it will boost the country’s economy and will create more and more job opportunities.

The Gold Rush

Most of our investment nature hurls to the glittering metal called Gold. Yes it is beautiful, fascinating and has been driven to the heads of our house wives that if they wear gold they are beautiful. Our investment is mainly focused on investing in Gold. This Gold is not been produced in India. India imports Gold. This creates a decrease in our foreign exchange. Investing in gold will not create a sudden and high yield returns. It required USD 35 Billion to import Gold in 2015. If that amount were invested in our stock market it would’ve become the capital of companies which will in turn boost our economy and prosperity of our country.

There will one question in your mind now. What if a recession happens? Whole economy will be destroyed. But gold will not. In that case is it Gold the best investment option?

Yes, you are right.

If a recession happens there is a chance for you to lose heavily in stock market. The answer is all about investment ration. I am not advising you to invest your whole investment in stock market. In fact invest only a fraction. People who are the experts will ask you to invest your whole wealth into stock market. Never ever do this. Never fall for false agenda.

Ex. If you have Rs. 100,000 to invest just invest Rs. 30,000 into high potential stocks. Keep 20,000 for day trading. Invest the rest Rs. 50,000 in Gold, Silver, Lead and Zinc. This is what a good investment is. If you invest the Rs. 30,000 in blue chips you will fail. Find low cost stocks which will grow exponentially in the next 12 months. Day trade blue-chip stocks with that Rs. 20,000. Take half of the daytrading profits and invest again in low cost high potential stocks. Let the investment in Gold and metals are there. In this case nothing like a recession happens you will be super rich in one year plus a stable investment in Gold to support you if something bad as a recession happens. This is the Risk we need to take. Without taking risk you cannot become rich click the below link to know more about high potential stock.

Myths and Facts

There will be hundred people to discourage you if you tell them that you are going to invest in stock market. This is because of the wrong notions people have about stock market. Here are the most important 7 misunderstandings about stock market and the real fact about those.

In stock market the right time to buy was 20 years ago. The second right time is now. Let us go back 14 years. You wanted a Royal Enfield bike in 2001. The bike would’ve cost you Rs.55, 000. Instead if you would’ve bought the shares of Eicher Motors who owns Enfield you would have got 3143 shares at Rs. 17.50 in 2001. Today one share of Eicher cost you Rs. 23,216. Your total value of share now would have been Rs.7.3 crores. 1300 fold growth. You can buy Rolls – Royce now. Here I am not asking you to wait 15 years. If you had clicked the above link you know I am talking about just one year. Sometimes it will make you wonder. The common man is willingly ignorant of this wealth creating super structure called Stock market. That is because he has some false notions about it. May be it is from his peers or from the media. Let us discuss some myths and facts about stock market. I am sure this will cool your mind about stock market.

Myth No 1- It is gambling

Some people avoid stock market because they this or heard it as gambling. If you fail in gambling you will lose money. The winner takes it all. They think their money is been gambled and looted by someone else. There is no increase in value of money here.


When you invest or buy a company’s stock you are taking part in its business. You are one of the owners of the company. When the company grows your investment will also grow. If the company incurs losses there is a chance for you to lose. The key here is to select high potential stocks. This is the best way to make good profits in a long term basis. Find stocks that may grow in one year. When you buy stocks you are making the country grow.

Myth No 2 – It is for the rich only

Some people think that you need lots of money to invest in stock market.


It is wrong. There are stocks which is less than Rs. 100. You can even buy one stock of a large cap company. Just because you lack lakhs it does not mean that you cannot invest in stock market.

Myth No 3 – There is no time for me to be a part of stock market

Some has the notion that you have to spend all your time watching the charts and be vigilant all the time from morning to night.


This is a wrong notion. Everyone can invest in stocks. If you do not have time to daytrade you can go for long term investments. You can select your own time periods from 6 months to 10 years.

We work to make money. When you invest in stock market your money will work for you and create wealth. It can give you greater rewards than any other investments or jobs.

Myth No 4 – You need to be highly educated to be in stock market

Many think that you need to be a financial guru to be a part of stock market


This is totally wrong. You just need 3 good traits to be an investor in stock market.

  1. Common sense
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Attitude to spend little time

You just need to spend some time to learn the basics. You can get that from attending seminars. You tube videos etc.

Myth No 5 – You will lose money for sure

This is the thought that makes most of the people stay away from Stock market.


Price falls and stock market crash is a day to day event. There is nothing unusual about it. One steep has got a slope. Even if you lose some money probabilities of making 10 folds of that lost money is greater in stock market. Price fluctuations are a part of stock market and it does not indicate a continuous crash.

Tip- Buy stocks when it is priced less. Do not buy when the prices are higher. Select those low priced stocks for long term investments. Select blue chips for daytrading.

Myth No 6 – Your broker will do everything for you

Some people think that once they have opened an account their broker will do the A-Z things for them.


Never do this. It is your hard earned money. You are more responsible to it than your broker. There are many trading styles and financial products like Derivatives and speculations. This has to be done with utmost care. Otherwise you will lose.

Tip- Before you transact you need to understand what you are doing. If you are beginner just expect and invest for 10- 15 % growth in couple of years.

Myth No 7 – Stock market is not for me

There are too much of risk involved in stock market hence it is not for me.


Learn and earn. It is risky not to have an investment in stock market. Not the other way around. Investments are for your future. Daytrading is for today. Due to inflation and high living standards and greater financial needs it will be wrong not to depend on high yielding stocks. Your conventional investment methods will only earn you less than 10%. Here is the importance of stock market.

Tip- If you take the history of stock market for the last 30 years you can see it has grown 19%. It has doubled, than any other investment returns program. It is essential for you to have an investment in Stock market.

How Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal system can help.

We can help you in daytrading and technical analysis for you to find the money to invest and for your personal needs. Read more here.

I hope that I have made it simple and clear for you. For more information please read the blog. It is now or never my friend. Quit dreaming and work for your dreams. Please educate others by forwarding this article. Stock market is a collective effort, the more people the more is your chance to make good returns.

How to Pick Good Stocks for long term Investing

There are actually enormous quantities of shares available on the market on the Stock market. So how do you go about finding the proper ones to buy? More often than not it’s precious to use a stock screen, a collection of standards you could speedily compare stocks against to look if they meet your necessities. You must first sit down and give you a list of your investing ambitions; after getting that you just must be equipped to provide you with a suitable area. Your determination standards for the preliminary screening will have to be a couple of quantifiable measures that you simply feel that are important to your investing.

  • Earnings growth
  • Recent earnings surprises
  • Price/earnings ratio
  • Dividends
  • Market cap or size
  • Industry Relative strength

Stock research

As soon as you will have narrowed down the record of shares that you’re concerned with, the next move is to research the stocks. There are a ton of satisfactory assets to be had available in the market for gaining knowledge of stocks, and fortunately most of them are free. Online study is fitting increasingly trendy in view that of its convenience and ease of use. You will have to additionally take a look at the company’s annual document and its economic statements for the following.

  • From the Income Statement
  • From the Cash Flow Statement
  • From the Balance Sheet
  • From the Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Once you’ve gotten gathered the data, you must then perform the analysis. Unique investors use special methods for settling on what shares to buy. Most buyers choose primary analysis, although there are also a colossal quantity who focus on technical analysis.

Investors spend quite a lot of time debating learn how to decide upon shares. Many take the recommendation of their brokers, at the same time others rely on sizzling suggestions they learn in magazines or on the net. When the market fluctuates dramatically every day, it looks as if picking an excellent Stock is a matter of danger. Why not throw a dart at a dartboard and see what sticks?

Selecting a good Stock will also be less complicated than that, in the event you keep two principles in your intellect.

Triumphant organizations generate cash, yr after yr. You might spend a variety of time looking for stocks with buzz, that’ll entice investors centered on their abilities. That is not going to support you prefer the correct stocks; that’ll limit your search to businesses with excellent PR or intriguing technical markers. They may be no longer necessarily just right firms in and of themselves.

Restrict your search to companies which might be valued at proudly owning as firms—corporations with just right markets, excellent products, good patrons, good streams of income and excellent fees. Do this and you can preclude risk, due to the fact that just right stocks worth proudly owning belong to excellent organizations valued at owning.

Great buyers feel like owners

As an owner of an industry, you ought to understand the business. Do not fear—you will not want an accounting degree or a massive stack of MBA books. You most effective ought to have an understanding of how the business works. Believe about your activities. Feel about the merchandise you buy. Feel about the industries you or your adored ones work in. Think in regards to the matters you realize about. Then seem for companies in these areas.

What does the corporation make? What does the organization promote? Who’re its patrons? Who’re its rivals? How will the manufacturer make more money these 12 months than last year?

You usually already understand this about a couple of companies.

Whether you’re keen about airplanes or mannequin automobiles or trend, which you could mostly come up with a list of a dozen corporations valued at investigating. Discover if they’re publicly traded. Get their names and market symbols.

How to Choose a Stock to Invest

There isn’t a single best stock to put money into for everybody. It is extra predominant to decide upon the proper stock, and that right Stock is an efficient stock. A good Stock belongs to enterprise that reliably makes money—a company that succeeds in business—and that you realize good sufficient to know what that success should appear like.

You’ve already performed most of the hard work! You’ve gotten narrowed down all the stocks on the earth to a handful something about, and you could have resolved to realize just adequate of the industry to make a decision whether or not the stock is valued at owning. The remainder question is “what’s the correct cost for this stock?” that’s the key of how to opt for a good stock to purchase: discover a best organization at a good price.

Pleasant stock picks are that uncommon combo of good businesses on hand at just right prices. If you want to be good at stocks, you have to look for bargains. The great matters to put money into are hidden gems.

1) Enterprise trade shapes and promotes good credential: at the first factor it is rather foremost to understand the trade where the company is working and at the same time appear out for the causes that distinguish it from others in the identical peer crew. Additionally it is fundamental to present closer appear to the administration in terms of their ability and acumen to ascertain whether they have the capacity and expertise to take industry to new heights.

2) Earnings: After getting a just right working out of the industry one now desires to seem into the revenues. That implies whether or not the manufacturer is in the carrier business or in manufacturing it becomes significant on the part of the investor to check out and gauge how the company is clocking in revenues and it potential to progress them.

3) EBITDA: EBITDA reflects clear picture of the corporation’s operating revenue. If the corporation has excessive working revenue, it manner it has the skills to offer just right returns to the investors.

4) Debt/ Equity ratio: Debt/equity Ratio measures a organization’s fiscal leverage. If quite a few debt is used to finance multiplied operations (excessive debt to equity), the manufacturer might probably generate extra earnings than it will have without this outside financing.

5) Earnings per share (EPS) and cost multiples: traders will have to perpetually calculate the Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) common EPS and earnings to calculate present rate to EPS (P/E) and fee to earnings (P/S) respectively of a stock. If the EPS of the enterprise is performing greatly well, then one must take into account investing in the Stock.

6) To remember capital expenditure & structural alterations: buyers will have to take into account learn the enterprise website. The investors will have to go via the corporation in order that he/she would get the recent announcements related to capital expenditure, structural alterations within the corporation, other foremost administration selections, and so on. He should also read the Chairman’s speech which gives the vision and growth plans of the organization.

How Alertel Buy sell signal software for daytrading FOREX MCX and NSE can help

Buy sell signal software is not easy to come by. I see lot many software which has used simple algorithms easily spreading over the internet. But which one to trust? A signal software which uses the previous data is the one whom to be trusted.

Alertel V series platinum buy sell signal software uses the latest German technology and is proved in the EU markets. Now launched in India as the buy sell signal software for MCX, MCX SX, NSE and Forex it analyzes the last 30 years of data to provide you the best and the most accurate buy sell signals. A person who trades in bank nifty has found this software.

Main features of this software

4 levels of confirmations after the signal is generate so you can be sure about the signal.

This system gives you the most accurate buy sell signals in the MT4 trading software

You can watch the signals and take subsequent positions in your trading platform with whomever broker of your choice.

Features of MCX, NSE and FOREX Signal software

  1. Accurate buy sell signals are generated using 4 levels of confirmations
  2. Dynamic buy sell signals with trailing stoploss.
  3. Displays range bound and trend filters.
  4. Suitable for Intraday Traders, Swing traders (BTST, STBT also) & Positional Traders.
  5. No need of any prior Technical, Fundamental knowledge, all you need to do is follow the signals and do as it says
  6. Sound and message alerts

Why choose Alertel Buy sell signal software

We are in the world market for 5 years and have numerous clienteles across the world who is satisfied with our buy sell signal software. Enabled with years of experience with able staff around the world to support your needs plus a robust research and development team makes a mark in your trading world.

The trading strategies in this buy sell signal system is developed by Professionally qualified independent Technical Analyst exclusively for all segment such (Nifty, Bank Nifty, Tata, Reliance, etc Equities, Stocks & Futures) as well as Commodities ( like Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Natural Gas, Aluminum, Oil & Currencies, Dollar, Euro, GBP etc) which in a short time made us India’s best and accurate trading signal system for both intraday and positional trading. We plan to be the most reliable source of trading signal provider in the world and we know we cannot realize this dream by giving bad signals, and by the way according to other sources we are currently one of the number one buy sell signal providers for FOREX and Indian markets.

Alertel buy sell signal system offers Live Charts with Auto Buy Sell Signals, Text and Voice Alerts for Intraday Trading in MCX Commodity, Nifty Stocks, Nifty & Bank Nifty Future, NSE Stock Futures, Nifty Put Call Options, NSE Currency Forex and NSE 100 Stocks for Positional Trading with Charts & Alerts.

Be it intraday trade or position trade Alertel V series buy sell signal software provides more than 95% accurate buy sell signals for both forex and Indian stock market like MCX , MCX SX , NSE and nifty stocks, making it the ultimate buy sell signal software in the world.

Stocks:  V series is the best automatic buy sell signal and market analysis charting software available in the market now. This system will work fine in all Indian stock equities and cash future options market. Most powerful technical and indicators works for you to get the most accurate buy sell signals. Get alerts in multiple charts while trading in one. You can manage your portfolio smoothly with Alertel Trade buy sell signal system.

MXC, MCX SX and NCDEX – Commodities: Alertel’s buy sell signal software provides you flexible options in MCX and NCDEX Commodity market trading. It gives you the exact entry and exit points. Be it buy or sell or hedging or even scalping the v series is your best friend and assistance in reaping the maximum out of commodity markets. The software features advanced charts for you to have the maximum market depth and analysis.

Forex: – Currencies – The buy sell signal system perfectly works with the MT4 platform as well as for pairs like USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR, and international pairs like EURUSD, EURCHF, GBPUSD and many more. It gives accurate buy sell signals at news hours as well as normal days with four levels of confirmations tools. You can be sure of your profits. You do not need to be an expert but just follow the system blindly and be the winner always.

  1. NSE Stocks and Futures include NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, INFOSYS, SBIN, etc.

Our software is equipped with

  • Both Intraday and Positional Signals
  • Live and Accurate Buy and Sell Signals
  • Clear Entry with Stop Loss and Targets
  • Trailing Stop loss strategy for maximize profits
  • More than 90% Accuracy
  • Four level filtering systems
  • Analyses historical data
  • Four stage confirmations for perfect BUY/SELL
  • Alerts you with sound & message
  • 100% free periodical updates
  • Robust R & D
  • Instant live support
  • Global Markets Covered
  • Forex market data with MT4 on request Indian market data with MT4 on request
  • Defined and refined by market experts
  • Displays stop loss (trailing) levels on screen
  • Displays take profit (target) levels on screen
  • Easy to understand and easy to trade
  • Adaptable for any time frame for scalping/positioning
  • Optimized price channeling system
  • Display market trends
  • Competitive and affordable pricing

Get Signals for MCX/NSE/Forex/NCDEX/MCX SX 

Alertel V series platinum is the Most Successful Buy Sell Signal Software in India for MCX, NSE, FOREX and COMEX market, and now it comes with three trading systems under one pack. Each trading systems gives buy sell signals with more accuracy and assured monthly return. All trading systems come with Buy Sell Alert with Popup message and sound.Accurate BUY SELL signals in all markets like Commodities (MCX, NCDEX), Stocks (NSE Stocks, NSE Futures, NSE Options), NCDEX and Currencies (MCX SX, FOREX)


  • Equipped with Four Level Filtering system to assure for highest accuracy signals
  • Thoroughly Tested by Professional Traders in EUROPE and now released in INDIA.
  • Alertel V series platinum suitable for any markets such as FOREX, MCX, NSE (Stocks & Futures), MCX SX, NCDEX, SPOT (Gold & Silver), etc.
  • Alertel V series platinum is suitable for both day traders as well as positional traders.
  • Three Target Levels will be printed on screen, so that traders will get clear idea where to book the profit.
  • Stop Loss levels are printed on screen, Alertel V series platinum is equipped with Trailing Stop Loss, so this stop loss will change according to the market movements, so that traders can minimize the RISK.
  • Easy To Understand with Detailed Tutorial and Video Presentation
  • No Prior experience needed

How Alertel buy sell signal software can help

Accurate BUY SELL signals in all markets like Commodities (MCX, NCDEX), Stocks (NSE Stocks, NSE Futures, NSE Options), NCDEX and Currencies (MCX SX, FOREX)

Be it intraday trade or position trade Alertel V series technical analysis and buy sell signal software provides  accurate buy sell signals for both forex and Indian stock market like MCX , MCX SX , NSE and nifty stocks, making it the best buy sell signal software in the world.

For online demo and details please visit our web site or call us:  08139839994

Experience it for free.

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