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Before you enter the stock market for trading and Investing



Earlier than you ask this question, I have got to ask you some questions.

  1. What form of investor do you keep in mind yourself to be?
  2. Do you need to make a rapid buck or do you wish to have to speculate for the long run?
  3. How so much time are you inclined to devote on your research?
  4. How much cash do you plan to invest?
  5. Are you watching for obscene quantities in earnings or a gradual appreciation of your portfolio?
  6. Do you have had the stomach to take some losses or see your portfolio sink will have to that ever happen?

If any person gives you advice without asking these questions, then you might be asking the incorrect person. You will have to also do not forget that nobody can provide a surefire solution to make a fortune off the stock market. If someone can do this, they must be within the industry of creating fortunes rather supplying advice to blokes such as you.

Now it is time for some simple advice. It could have taken you years to earn your money, however which you can lose all of it in minutes in the stock market. Fortunes were built and lost there. For some, it takes a lifetime to make or lose one. For some really strong types, it takes just a few hours or days to achieve everything.

The winners is also just undeniable lucky or have completed their homework right. A starter mostly would not have the luxurious of luck. You need to remember yourself simple unlucky. So, how do you make money?

It is by doing all of your homework and having lots of endurance.

The stock markets will not be for the lily−livered. It’s undoubtedly now not for the rash and impulsive ones either. People who cannot stand a loss and be taught from errors will have to no longer be trying either.

If you want to make fast earnings, your risk profile increases. If you happen to had determined the market for say 4 or 5 years, perhaps you can go for a speedy buck, however no longer before that. Except then, go long run. Nonetheless, while you go lengthy, it will influence the profile of your capital gains. Capital features is the quantity that you just get from selling shares. The taxman treats lengthy−time period capital good points and brief−time period capital positive factors otherwise.

You’ll must do a lot of homework and maintain a tab on the whole thing. When you have time for television soaps, but no longer for CNBC, overlook it. You are going to must read a financial newspaper just like the economic instances or industry ordinary or industry Line day-to-day to keep yourself good told.

When you’ve got Rs. 10 lakhs in cash lying round, I would suggest you put 2 or 3 lakhs in the stock market and find other types of investments for the rest.

Make an evaluation of how much return on funding you are expecting. When you think you are going to keep a stock for a particular period of time, examine and notice if it is going to return more than an identical constant deposit from a bank. If it won’t, there is no factor investing in the stock.

Often, share prices sink beneath the price at which you have bought them. That doesn’t mean it is a loss. The proportion perhaps on a price cycle and may work again up later. Should you think you are not going to have the appetite to attend and notice, you better stick to FDs.

In the event you feel you might be sport for the stock market, then it is time learn some fundamentals.

The fundamentals

You might have numerous questions on your mind. What’s a share, what’s a stock market, who runs them, who’re the stock brokers and many others? I will are trying to provide an explanation for these matters here.

Consider I’ve some trade and wish to expand it. For my illustration, I will use the tea business. I have several tea plantations. After drying and curing the leaves, I do some processing on them. Like most exporters, I % and ship the tea to a couple NRI in the USA who sells it to the supermarkets chains there. He corners many of the profits and will pay me a pittance. I need to sell the tea in the local market. For this, I want a marketing setup so one can compete with the likes of HLL and Tata Tea. I want cash for that. I do not need to borrow money as the amount wanted is large. So, I’m fascinated by the stock market. Through issuing shares in the market, I’ll get all of the money that I would like. I do not need to pay any curiosity to my shareholders. I ought to pay them provided that I make revenue. If the venture fails, the loss is borne by way of shareholders. My loss if so can be constrained to the quantity of shares I have with me.

This is how most organizations consider once they issue shares. So, what are shares anyway, you ask. Well, it works like this. Think that a company wants Rs. 10 Crore (10, 00, 00, 000) to fund their future plans, but have simplest Rs. 3 Crore with them. They will divide the Rs. 10−crore enter into 1 crore constituents. Every part is referred to as a share. Each share might be valued at Rs. 10. When the 1 crore shares are bought, the organization will get Rs. 10 crore. If an investor wishes one hundred shares, he’s going to have got to pay Rs. 1000. The enterprise will hassle a broadcast share certificates to that outcome. The promoters who’ve Rs. Three crore will purchase 30 lakh shares and allot 70 lakh shares to other traders. If the manufacturer closes down due to losses, the promoters lose Rs. Three crore, while a retail investor who could have bought 10 shares will lose Rs. 100. If however the enterprise distributes Rs. 1 crore in gains, a shareholder who had invested Rs. 10 will get Rs. 1 as dividend. The dividend can be sent to the shareholder in the type of a cheque.

When a corporation wishes to issue shares, it does something called an IPO − initial Public offering. For this, the organization’s promoters put up to the stock market a couple of files that fulfill statutory necessities. As soon as the formalities are accomplished and accredited by the stock market, the enterprise then disorders share applications. Any person wishing to buy shares within the enterprise will fill up the application type and fix a cheque or DD for the desired amount.

Considering a corporation’s important business shouldn’t be coping with shares and the stock market, they appoint some specialized organizations known as service provider bankers to do the job. The service provider bankers are those who strategy the share market and control the IPO on behalf of the organization. The share utility will be accompanied with the aid of a present document, so as to provide history knowledge concerning the organization, its promoters, and reasons for the difficulty, their marketing strategy, chance explanations, and so forth.

You, as an investor, will come to understand concerning the IPO when the service provider banker issues ads in newspapers and other media. When you read fiscal newspapers, you’re going to comprehend that a lot previous. The percentage software shall be on hand from the offices of your share dealer or at the places of work of the retailers appointed via the merchant banker.

There will be a deadline for the predicament earlier than which accomplished purposes can be got through the organization. After this, shares can be distributed. If the enterprise gets extra purposes than is on hand i.e., when the problem is oversubscribed, some applicants is probably not dispensed shares and their money will probably be refunded. Some companies will try to accommodate all applicants. This means many applicants will likely be distributed best one of the most shares they’ve utilized for. The leisure of the applicant’s cash shall be refunded. The candidates who had been dispensed shares will acquire their share certificates by means of publish.

The enterprise’s share will then be listed within the stock market. At this stage, the company’s share enters the secondary market. When a company issues shares through an IPO, it absolutely is within the principal market.

When an investor fills out a share software type and gets shares disbursed to him, he’s investing within the main market. The fundamental market is one location where which you could fish for shares when their price is low.

When an Infosys disorders shares within the major market, the shares may also be bought at Rs. 10. When the manufacturer starts making profit, the share worth within the stock market increases. If at present the Infosys share is at Rs. 4000, then the fellow who purchased the share at Rs. 10 has made an enormous kill. Now, don’t you go to your share dealer’s office and say with a straight face that you need to buy Infosys shares from the major market at Rs. 10. Infosys had left the most important market when its IPO was once subscribed. So has every company within the stock market.

Not each enterprise that entered the primary market has had its cost shoot up within the secondary market. Plenty of organizations disappear without a trace. Many others exchange under the costs that they had been subscribed. Some shares grow to be illiquid i.e., no longer many humans trade in them. Feel that your share was last traded at Rs. 7 and you want to do away with it. If there is no longer so much buying and selling within the scrip, you will no longer to find purchasers for it although you are competent to sell at Rs. 6.

An astute investor will do his homework via studying the present record, evaluating the company’s prior performance and the monitor report of the promoters and many others before purchasing shares within the main market.

When a organization with enormous track record and goodwill wishes to enter the major market, their merchant banker will say, “Hello! You do not need to hassle shares at Rs. 10. Let’s cost a top rate.” this is how Bharthi Telecom got here to the market at Rs. 40 for shares worth Rs. 10, while the lesser−identified Allahabad bank issued shares at Rs. 10, on par.

So, is an organization that expenses a top rate the apparent option? The reply is no. Today, the Bharathi Telecom trades below its difficulty price at the same time Allahabad bank trades above par. Why? The rollout of WLL networks by Reliance has put a query mark over cell operators. The low−curiosity price regime of the Reserve bank allows for a financial institution like Allahabad financial institution to provide out extra loans and make more cash. Apart from that, the Securitization bill handed with the aid of the Parliament allows banks to recover bad loans more with no trouble.

Ok, how do I know if a corporation that is within the important market will do well later? Through studying a fiscal newspaper, you’ll be in a position to have some suggestion of the place that enterprise will go sooner or later. Of course, you cannot predict the whole lot, but that you could sleep handy in case you had accomplished some research.

Now, that that’s accomplished, let’s get to the secondary market where most of the action is. The stock market is actually a building where its members or share brokers meet and behavior their trades. When you consider that a stock market can have a confined quantity of share brokers and considering that they cannot be far and wide else, they take their orders from sub−brokers. The man or woman whom you recognize as a share dealer is certainly a sub−broker. He collects the purchase and promotes orders from his patrons and gives it to the member of the stock market. The member meets different participants on the stock market from whom shares are purchased and bought.

The stock brokers do not elevate around share certificates like hawkers. They conveniently lift a small notebook where they have got a list of shares to promote or buy and their numbers. When a trade is completed, they mark the proper small print. After a period of time, they actually settle their differences. A dealer might say, “I bought you 120 shares of Cipla and also you bought me one hundred shares of Cipla. I owe you 20 shares.”

For the investor, coming into the secondary market could be very handy. You can just provide your stock dealer a cell phone name and ask him to purchase some shares. If you recognize him good, he’s going to purchase the shares without soliciting for a cheque. After you make the fee, the broker will provide you with the certificates. The certificates will be registered within the identity of the prior owner. You must register it to your title. Whilst you get the proportion certificates, it will be accompanied through a transfer type signed by way of the earlier owner. You need to sign that and send it to the organization together with the percentage certificates. The corporation will enter your identify in their books and on the share certificates, which they’re going to send again to you.

When you wish to have to sell shares, you need to take the share certificates to the broker and signal the transfer form. The broker will promote the percentage and give you a cheque when the trade is settled.

The true world is not so simple. Before going to the real world, you ought to recognize a couple of matters concerning the relationship of a company with its shareholders.

Good Luck

Second chapter will follow shortly

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